Traveling to Europe (going to be walking ALOT).Which shoes should I take with me?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm going to europe in May & I wanted some opinions on what shoes I should wear. I am heading to paris, london, and prague. I want to be stylish & comfy (no tennis shoes for me)...hahaha.

    any suggestions?
  2. ^ yeah skip the tennis shoes because that'll make you look like a tourist.

    I'm prepping for a trip to Spain and have bought some Manolo Blahnik flats. I have my espadrilles for the "I'm not walking that far" times. I'm thinking about getting some flat CL espadrilles for daytime walking also like:


    Merrell is pretty good also for comfort/practicality and some of those don't look like tennis shoes. I was thinking of something like these:

  3. Just back from Paris and saw mostly flats and boots. No tennis shoes at all.
  4. I have a pair of the high CL espadrilles wedge shoes. only worn them once so I don't know how comfy they will be after a long day of u think I could walk around europe in those? haha
  5. every time i go to europe it kills my shoes (cobblestones, etc) even my cute flats.

    i really have to think about what shoes to bring this year b/c i don't want to ruin another high end pair but but still want to look chic/cute. :smile:
  6. Cole Haan makes some cute sandals/walking shoes. With Nike Air bottoms!
  7. It's been awhile, but when I lived overseas, the cobblestones would tear up heels. I would advise a chunkier heel or flat if you want something dressy, but I always had great luck with flat riding boots that could be worn with jeans or skirts. With shorts, I'd go with hiking boots and good socks - the whole casual comfort can be an okay look especially on warmer days with lots of walking.
  8. I have to say that whenever I travel to Europe I always bring a number of shoes. If I walk around in the same flats all day everyday, by the third or forth day my feet hurt and I have to change to different shoes. So, my suggestion is to bring a few different pairs of shoes and some money to buy a pair or two while you are there. That's my solution and it's been working my last few trips!
  9. no heels! :smile:
    ballerinas or maybe even puma sneakers?
  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I am from Colorado, and these shoes are a big deal out there...they are soooo worth the money, and you can get them in differnt colors, styles, sizes and widths. They also have a kids and mens line. The soles last FOREVER, and they are also water friendly. I can't not say enough good things about these shoes. The soles are so good in fact..if your upper straps wear out before the soles do you can send them in to the company and get new straps put in. here is a link to their web site as well...
  11. Depending on your dress style I would suggest either comfy ballet flats or converse tennies now that they all the rage again.
  12. I backpacked in Europe for a month last summer and we walked EVERYWHERE. Other than taking the trains and the subway twice, we walked (which was nice since I lost 10 pounds while I was there)!

    I did something very out of character for me...I only took two pairs of shoes. I took one pair of Merrel sporty sneakers and pair of brown leather sandals, I think they were Clarks and were actually somewhat cute. I made sure to take things I wouldnt' care if they got dirty/scuffed/ruined.

    I think the places you are going will still be somewhat cold in May, so you may not seed sandals. What about Uggs, a pair of sneakers, and cute flats?
  13. Pack some cute ballet flats and flat sandals – these are great comfortable shoes for sightseeing and walking around on cobblestone streets. In May, the weather in Paris and Prauge should be warm so you could totally wear a cute pair of Zanotti flat sandals. For London, I’d suggest closed toed shoes (like ballet flats); the weather is so unpredictable here and it tends to rain a lot in the spring.
  14. Be careful with ballet flats. The uneven cobbles can cause incredible pain after a day of walking around in shoes with no support.
    Whenever I play tourist in other countries, I take my Camper sandals. They are cute and fashionable and super comfy. I've walked around Rome for days in them.