Traveling to Dublin and 'need' a LV souvenir...

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  1. I'm going to Ireland for vacation and would love to pick up a bag while there. Can anyone give me tips regarding the Dublin store and the ease (or lack thereof) of VAT reimbursement at the Dublin airport? I plan to call the LV store today or tomorrow to check on the stock of an azur bag I may want. Thanks in advance, for any advice.
  2. I didn't go to LV in Dublin but I bought Celine bag at Brown Thomas. We then went to Paris and since I was flying back to Dublin to fly home I did the VAT at the Dublin airport and it was so easy! I didn't have to wait in line. Not like the crazy line you have to go through in Paris. Enjoy your shopping at LV!
  3. I purchased a Chanel at brown Thomas. VAT process was straightforward. You get ur stamp after clearing security and drop it in a mail slot. Hope this helps!
  4. The LV boutique is in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, Dublin 2. You can't miss it!

    As already said, Dublin airport is apparently amazingly VAT-returns-friendly... have a fab time!
  5. Oh welcome! Its pretty rainy and humid here at the moment so bring a light rain jacket...but you expected that right?? Like others have said Brown Thomas on Grafton St (south city centre) is the main luxury dept store wih a LV store. They are very friendly and nice. I dont think we have a special luggage tag stamp but we should! i cant advise on VAT but we have the same prices as in Paris. Im happy to call them for you if that saves you some money and hassle.

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  6. How does the VAT process work? I've never purchased anything overseas because I am always worried that the process would take too long at the airport, and I'll miss my flight somehow. If you are from the US, is it always cheaper to purchase in Europe and other countries?
  7. I find Brown Thomas not so good stocked
  8. the power of a perfect internet forum

    very cool :biggrin:
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  9. THANK YOU so much for the offer! And thanks to everyone for the input. I did speak with Diana at the Dublin store today. None of the three azur bags I'm interested in are in stock. She will try to get one in for me. So time will tell! I'm looking forward to visiting the city and the country!
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  10. Brown Thomas is a wonderful store, but selection is limited. This seems to the case in many places in Europe though - I was just in Madrid and Lisbon. I definitely felt spoiled by the selection we have in states, even in smaller stores
  11. If its available in the UK they can order it in within 2 weeks so fingers crossed!

    They also have a warehouse somewhere in Ireland with more stock where they can bring items in within days.

    Glad they were helpful!

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  12. I bought my first LV at the Brown Thomas LV store in Dublin. I can't help with tax stuff as I was a resident of Ireland at the time and didn't get any VAT back. As for selection, I would definitely call ahead. The store is not very big and as others have said, the selection is a bit limited. I bought a neverfull from there so I had no problems, as that is a very popular LV bag. For something a bit more specific I would definitely recommend checking that they have them in stock before going. Have a great time! The prices in Europe are so much better than here in the states!