Traveling in style!

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  1. So...I thought I swore myself off of coach...I don't know why, but I should have known the cute as a button brand would drive me right back to my addiction!

    We went to vegas for my bachlorette party and a few of the girls decided they wanted to hit up the coach outlet right off the I went, thinking cool it will be fun just walking around the store helping others for once make decisions lol! I was fine UNTIL I saw the travel accessories! THEN I WENT WILD! lol!!

    I picked up an eyeglasses case, contacts case, pill holder and passport case all in a fun light-blue with white trim pattern. Then i was waiting for my sister-in-law pick out a make-up case and i was like hmmm, but all the had was green or the normal black/brown so i passed UNTIL this sweetie of an SA came up to me and whispered, hey I think there might be a blue in the back I'll get it for you...YUP! IT matched SOOO WELL!!!! lol...then of course i had to make it look pretty so i pimped it out with accessories!

    WOHOOO!! i can't wait to travel now!! :love:
  2. Very cute. I was thinking about getting the same color (I didn't use it as a comestic bag), but then I figured I don't need two...or do I.
  3. so cute.....
  4. is the celestial moon keychain you have at the outlets too??
  5. I love everything you got!!! Congrats!
  6. Very nice! The blue is a really pretty color!
  7. Those travel accessories are so adorable! I hope you had a good time in Vegas! Congrats!
  8. SO pretty, I love it - the color is great and I love everything you've matched with it. Congrats and I hope you had a fun time!
  9. How pretty!
  10. OMG I never knew they made such a thing (large beauty case). I love that powdery blue color. Congratulations.
  11. Oh I love love love your optic beauty case!!!!! It is gorgeous, I love it in the green too! I saw all your cute blue accessories at my outlet too and picked some up for my friend who just had a baby boy!!!! Congrats, that is super great the SA realized you were in the market for blue items and told you about the beauty case!!! YAY!
  12. THANKS guys!! :smile: i cant wait to use it!
  13. The pill box is probably my favorite and most used accessory. Enjoy it!
  14. I really love those accessories. The color is very pretty.
  15. Cute!