Traveling in STYLE!!!!

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  1. WOW. Bad.
  2. hehe, I like how it says item location is in FL. I bet it's not. Did you see in one pic the luggage is sitting on an Asian lang mag.
  3. my eyeessssssssss! Eaargh~!
  4. Totally tasteless:sick: :sick:
  5. Oh my!
  6. :sick:
  7. Ouch... :sick::hrmm:
  8. OMG!!!:shocked:
  9. Too bad there are no prisons for bad taste...:sick:
  10. now even *I* could tell that this is fake (wrong font on the LV label!!!).

  11. "They" always come out with something:yucky: :yucky: :yucky: :sick:
  12. Wow. That's just sad.
  13. wow! :sad:
  14. This is so sad, I feel sorry for the person who ends up buying it :sad: