Traveling Fun!

  1. Who do you like to travel with?

    What do you travel for?

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have?

    Where did you go on your last trip?
  2. I like to travel with my best friend. It's great because it's just the two of us so we don't have to worry about keeping track of people. Also, she lets me make all the vacation plans and decisions. I love it! :yahoo:

    I travel for shopping, culture, and great food. Also, I have a soft spot for Disney vacations. In fact, I'm planning on going to Disney World next summer. It's going to be my very first time ever!

    When my friend and I went to Disneyland last year, we decided to go on a ghost tour offered by Starline as a little side trip. Let me tell you. It was awful! From the moment we got into that damn car, we wanted to jump out as soon as possible. Our tour guide was a complete LOONY. He kept asking how old we were and talking about how he sees things. Well in my opinion, if he saw anything at all, I'm sure it was drug induced. I'm telling you, this guy looked and acted crazy. He had long hippie hair, didn't wear deodorant, and drove like a bleeping lunatic. He kept changing lanes and driving really quickly to freak us out. During this time, we were the only passengers in the car. (And we're both young girls.) He asked us if we wanted to give him a little extra tip and he would show us the areas of the Roosevelt hotel where Marilyn Monroe was connected to. I told him, "No. We're busy tonight." I didn't think about how it would come out and he thought we wanted to have sex with him! Hell no! By that statement, I meant that we didn't want to overstay the time length of the tour. Eww! Thank god he picked up more passengers later on. My friend and I really wanted to take a taxi back to the hotel when he let us out of the car to pick up more people for the tour. Unfortunately, we had already paid for it and we couldn't get a refund. The only cool part of the tour for me was seeing Danny Masterson (Hyde from That 70's Show.) Throughout the tour, he kept pressuring the passengers to give him a "little extra tip" and he'd take us to more locations. I thought that was so tacky. At the end when we drove us back to our hotel, my friend and I ran out of the car so quickly and it was a relief. That ******* got nothing from us!

    I traveled all throughout Japan in July.
  3. Close Friends.

    Leisure, adventure and shopping.

    I have yet to leave the country.

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  4. Who do you like to travel with? close friends and family

    What do you travel for? leisure!! and outrageous fun!

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? 03 trip to the Philippines. I went with a bunch of cousins and had a blast!

    Where did you go on your last trip? washington d.c. and nyc with my mom and sister

  5. I travel to see interesting places/meet interesting people or work in a hell-hole for a month straight.

    Most memorable vacation... when CO tossed my checked bags and I had to almost wear my bf mom's underwear for the three day recovery. Other than that helicopter through NZ and bungee jumping off the cable car.

    Last trip was for my company in J to TPE. Went to the top of TPE 101 - completely cool. Was during Wipha (sp) so there is that.

    Next trip is to TPE and OSL.
  6. Who do you like to travel with? My SO and my dog(Mariah only, Princess stays with "Dogma" AKA:My mom lol she HATES the car:sad:)- its like road trip bliss:love:

    What do you travel for? Fun, I absolutely love road trips.

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? Good or bad? lol When we were traveling to New Orleans in 2005(we left for home 1 week before Katrina!), we stopped for the night and across from our hotel was a gas station, and there was a U-haul on fire right by a gas pump! Everything was OK, though. Then when we got to New Orleans we were in the bird exhibit at their zoo when we were talking about how much it would suck if a bird pooped on us(they were flying around everywhere) and jsut that instant a bird pooped on my niece, it was absolutely hilarious!
    Another incident was last year when we went to Arkansas to visit my Best Friend and her family-we were in Texas when the back window on the car in front of us just flew off! It flew up in the air and over our car(thank god!). My only guess is that he had just gotten the window replaced and they didnt glue it in well enough.
    The good memories is when we went to Ohio last year, we had to go up through Colorado, when we stopped at the river to let the dog go potty-it was just absolutely beautiful and so serene, I could have stayed there for days.

    Where did you go on your last trip? Arkansas last December. We are planning another trip there this December. One of these days I will go on a trip out of the country:yes:
  7. Who do you like to travel with? Family or with my SO.

    What do you travel for? Relaxation and adventure.

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? Eating sushi with locals I met in Hawaii.

    Where did you go on your last trip? Colorado (it was my first camping experience..loved it)
  8. Who do you like to travel with? my boyfriend, friends or family

    What do you travel for?

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? Lost of memorable vacations... but most recently? With in the last year we went to Hong Kong... There were a variety of unfortunate events, yet it all turned up in our favor when we ended up with the most spectacular room in the entire city, floor to ceiling windows facing the breath-taking skyline, huge suite, impeccable service... it was a great vacation regardless, but that was the icing on the cake because we generally do not book ourselves in rooms that are well over $1000/night!

    Where did you go on your last trip? NYC, if that even counts since we go 4-5/year. Before that Madrid & Barcelona.
  9. Who do you like to travel with? my parents. my bf hasn't gotten the travel bug just yet.

    What do you travel for? for leisure and fun.

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? i haven't had any horrendous incidents except getting sick in the last couple days of my last japan trip. the best memory i have is seeing eric clapton in concert in tokyo. the most amazing concert i've ever been to.

    Where did you go on your last trip? right now i'm in boston for 2 weeks. but the last trip i took was a short weekend vacation to oahu with my mom. we did some good shopping. i have another oahu trip and tokyo trip coming up before the end of this year.
  10. Who do you like to travel with? SO, parents, or friends.

    What do you travel for? fun and education.

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have? Going on an all expenses paid skiiing trip with my boss and his wife (who are also dear family friends) when living overseas. I had never skiied and was enrolled in a ski school by my boss who insisted it was the best way. After the first day of blizzards and learning to ski with 6 year olds when I was 21 - I hated it!! So from the next day I would get on the bus every morning and pretend to go to the ski school, waving my boss and his wife off at the harder slopes. I would then go back and spend all day in the hotel having a great old time and at 3pm get dressed in my ski gear, go outside and put snow all over myself and pretend to come back from the school. All went fine until the last day when my boss said "you should be good enough to come with us now". Oops!!! But miraculously doing nothing in the hotel had helped, and I skiied with them just fine.

    Where did you go on your last trip? Thailand.
  11. I like to travel with my husband or my sister.

    Travel for relaxation or learning something new.

    Most memorable travel incident was on a polar bear safari in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. We went out on an after-dark trek on the tundra buggy and it broke down in the middle of nowhere. Our driver got out to go beneath (they are about 6 ft. off the ground) and try to repair it. While he was doing that the passengers were scanning the area with high powered flashlights to see if any bears were around to go after him. It was a nervous 45 min. while he repaired the buggy.

    Last trip other than the PF get together in Charlotte, was a driving trip to MI, IL, and IA to visit family.
  12. Who do you like to travel with?
    Friends and my bf

    What do you travel for?
    Leisure and shopping!

    What's the most memorable vacation incident you have?
    In July, when my best friend who migrated to Canada came back for a visit for the first time in 7 years!

    We took a short weekend trip together with a couple of other girl friends to Bangkok. Even though it was just for 3 days, it was great going on a holiday with her, since we never got to do that together before she left for Canada (we were only 17 when she left).

    Where did you go on your last trip?
    Just got back from Siem Reap, Cambodia with a group of friends. The temples were amazing, especially during sunrise/ sunset!