Traveling for more than 90 days in the EU

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  1. Hello!

    I will be traveling in the EU area for more than 90 days, but I have made some purchases that qualify for a tax refund. Does anyone know a country/area which I can visit somewhere in Europe during the middle of my trip so I can file those documents before the 90 days expiration period?

    Will Norway or Switzerland work? Any help is very much appreciated :smile:

  2. Norway and Switzerland are not part of EU so you could claim your taxfree form before you enter either of these countries. I'm not quite sure how it works though and if you can't show prof of residence in one of those countries.
  3. If you qualify for the tax refund then presumably you do not qualify to be running around the EU for over 90 days without a visa. If you have a visa for over 90 days in your passport you will not be issued a refund.
  4. ^^ above
  5. mmm thanks plane jane doe! I'm actually doing a student exchange in Europe right now, so I have a study permit, but I only acquired it after I landed (so the stamp on my passport is still a regular visitor's stamp). Does this change anything? Will I still be able to claim the last three months' worth of goodies I bring back?
    Thanks =)
  6. Well they will see the day that your passport was stamped as entry (but lots of time they miss that) so that will put you over 90 days.
  7. Look, I can't speak to the technicalities as I'm not familiar with the circumstances that would give you a visa/residence permit outside of your passport. However, I would not recommend that you ever treat border crossing as a joke in order to buy more designer goods. Prioritize your high school over your Hermes.