traveling Birkin

  1. I just realized in the short spam of my time with my Gold Togo Birkin, she became my steady travel companion.

    Mid May I set first eyes on her when she was delivered to me in our house in Virginia. I fell madly in love:heart:. Two weeks later she was with me traveling to our summer house up in the mountains. There we did many many road-trips. In August she went me to Washington and we brought my mom & grandmom home. Later we visited Richmond, and now she is with me in Nantucket and within a couple days we will go to NYC.... I hope I can show her around in my home city Amsterdam soon.

    Where have your bags been?
  2. H&H - I'm new to Hermes bags, so mine haven't been anywhere but my local area. Soon to Duck, NC and then on to LI, NY. But nothing big coming up. I really embarassed my self yesterday at the H boutique. I went with MrsKing2 to the boutique while she put in her order for a birkin. Well, we got chatting away with OUR great guy SA about the giant 55cm birkin in blue jean that had been in the boutique. I very seriously said something to the effect that i didn't understand how to use that bag, it was too big to stuff under a seat and too expensive to check. MrsKing2 said, Carol, it's for a private jet! :nuts: Oh yeah, right, of course. :shame:
  3. Well not on a private jet for sure.

    I picked up my Kelly in Paris and now it's in London. On Thursday we will head to New York and will get to meet H+H's gold birkin:yahoo:. They should make passports for them.
  4. I would love to see your Kelly:smile: I don't have a cord to my computer, so I can't get pictures posted, but I will.

    and we will make lots of pictures in NYC? :yahoo:
  5. hummingbird :roflmfao: what a funny story :smile: it would be wonderful to travel that luxurious. I once had the opportunity, my DH had a so many years at the company party, and we went in a private jet with his closest colleagues to Bermuda... it really is a nice way of travel...
  6. I really felt dumb, especially because my dh travels in his company's private jet for business, and before I retired from law practice, I traveled on clients' private jets. But then I never carried a purse, and bags were black minimalist with wheels to keep up with the guys. I never associated a private jet with anything but work work work! What flashed through my mind was a corporate counsel's face if I showed up pushing a trolley with a giant blue jean 55 cm birkin on it. Could have fit a lot of documents in that sucker. Haha.
    Hope you're enjoying your vacation with your dh.
  7. I find the 50cm travelling birkin awfully heavy. There's a blue brighton togo one at the Liat Towers store here in SG... I carried it, and it was heavier extremely heavy even though it had nothing in it.

    Do you put much stuff in??
  8. they used to have a corporate private jet at DH too until Enron came along :smile: I do think it will come back, travel is such a hassle now. Best would be to have your own :smile: friends of ours has one an flies his own 8 seater plane.
  9. Nantucket is beautiful, so charming, people on their bikes (reminds me of Holland). Miss Birkin went to the beach yesterday and she has a nice golden tan :smile:. Later that night we had drinks at the Clubcar and dinner.
  10. I didn't buy the 55cm traveling birkin. It was imo ridiculous looking, and too heavy. The SA said it wasn't lined with leather to keep it lighter. It is for the super rich or celebs who never lift a finger or a traveling bag on their way to their private jets.