traveling alone in seoul

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  1. hey just some questions of anyone else has been alone and went around at night. Is it safe ? I have a late night flight deciding whether or not I should take the bus and a taxi afterward ? I'll be bringing all my cash so I'm worried or should I stay at the airport until morning? take a taxi from the airport at night directly to the hotel @@ as you can see im paranoid x D never travelled with this much cash

  2. Seoul is really safe, I wouldn't be worried. If there is a bus running at that hour of course you can take it, and there will always be taxis.
  3. Don't worry about safety, there's no need for concern there.
  4. Seoul is pretty safe, I just got back from there and I bought all cash with me as well. One thing about Seoul which was terrible but was getting through customs check at the airport, I've traveled to other cities and countires before and this was the worse, the waiting was more than an hr long omg and so hot and sweaty. No wonder why the Koreans rush real quick after the plane lands, everyone in the world rushes after landing but this was different because they knew what was expected.

    Reason I'm telling you this is because you said your flight was late at night, I was so lucky I caught the very last bus just minutes before they were leaving. But if you get out of customs and claim baggage after 11pm you will need to take a taxi or train. And don't worry, I was panicking as well since I had never been there but i got use to everything afterwards

  5. But isn't there late night busses (less choices ofc)? @@ thats what I found on a website but they are only to the main bus station (gangnam express station ? cant remember the name right now ^^" but I think thats it)and I thought the train stops running even earlier than the busses. I've been to Korea before I dont remember about the customs hmm but last time I met up with my friend and barely had any cash xD and my flight was in the afternoon. But yeah my flight lands at 11:00 thats why im worried about having all cash with me so late at night and alone ><.
  6. I'm guessing the actual check doesn't take long just thats it's a very busy airport so the line is long
  7. Unless you're korean you'll end up in the winding general queue, then it really depends on luck to see if you can clear customs faster.

    I touched down around 10+pm, cleared customs and managed to get on the airport train to town. However for me I had to take a tram within the airport area in order to reach the main airport. So likewise when I flew home I realised after clearing customs I had to take the tram to my boarding gate which was right at the end of the building. So do note to cater extra time for such long distance..
  8. Yeah I don't remember it taking longer than the u.s I think I would have remembered ^^".
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