Traveling 9 days with just a carry-on

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  1. Does anyone have any general tips on traveling with just a carry on? I am traveling to HK in November to visit family. It will be a 9 day trip (7 full days since 2 days will just be for flying) but I do not plan on doing much shopping. I will be spending most of my days hiking and eating. I haven't flown in years and everyone I've talked to believes I should check a larger luggage in addition to my carry on in just in case.
  2. If you can do laundry and are capable of packing that light, go for it!
    What is the reason not to take a carry on?
    I have larger bottles w/ liquid I can't carry on that I need for that length of time, plus my computer and shoes alone would hog up a good amount of space
  3. Totally possible! I've travelled for 3 weeks with carry-on only. As Swanky said, you need to do laundry. Since you're visiting family, I assume you'll have access to laundry or get recommendations on where to find a laundromat.

    Maybe the suggestion to check in a larger suitcase is for all the goodies that you'll buy in HK?!? :biggrin:

    You might find additional tips in this thread:

  4. I honestly did not want to lug two rollers on the subway/train all the way to where my brother stays. I will not be buying any luxury items since I can purchase them in the US. I also have sample sized items of my skincare products given to me by my SA so I am covered for any liquids I can think of. I definitely have access to a washer/dryer. I think my parents want me to bring a larger suitcase to bring stuff back to family though lol!
  5. Traveling over you can tuck your smaller carry on into an empty larger suitcase so you still have only one bag to take on the subway. That way you'll have the extra bag for your family to send things home in. Most bags today have a clip that attaches the smaller luggage on top of the larger luggage so you're still only pulling one bag (or buy a strap that attaches them). Or, you can do like I do and pack a medium to large folded zippered bag with handles into your carryon and use that coming home...I usually put my purchased items in the suitcase and laundry in the soft bag. Have fun!
  6. Why not just skip the carry on roller instead?
  7. That is a good idea if I end up purchasing anything while I am there!

    This is also something I am considering. I will check in a larger roller and have a backpack as my personal item for my laptop. I did not want to wait for any baggage after a 19 hour flight so I was seeing how doable this would be.
  8. This would be my option. As for waning for luggage. I usually feel that when I travel long haul, it usually takes longer for me to get thru passport control then for the luggage to get there.
  9. It's easy to pack 9 days' worth of clothes in just a carry-on. I think the reason people tend to overpack is because they see their trip/vacation as a fashion show: a new outfit for everyday with matching shoes and handbags. When I travel, I wear what I usually wear at home.

    It's a matter of planning. I have done it for so long that it's just second nature to me now. For a 9 day trip I pack 2 pairs of jeans (darker colors can be dressed up), a pair or two of nice slim trousers or skirt for the dressier occasions, 3 t-shirts (you can also buy more at your destination), 2 fine wool sweaters/cardigans, 2 more tops, enough underwear for everyday + at least two days extra. I pack dressy shoes that I can walk in (usually my black Chanel wedges) and I wear my coat on the plane with another sweater/cardigan. I bring an everyday purse and a small clutch. I also make sure all bottoms work with the shoes (i.e. don't bring trousers that are too long for flats). If I have to, I send out clothes to get laundered.

    My facial regimen is not involved therefore doesn't require me bringing an entire make-up counter, and my hair is not so needy as to require a full size shampoo and conditioner. In fact, I like buying and trying local products - I've found some really great stuff; the only time this backfired on me was in Cambodia where all the lotions had bleaching agent in it; I bring body lotion with me all the time now. I don't bother bringing a hair dryer because they won't work; besides, any decent hotel will have one.

    It's mostly common sense, really.
  10. I try never to check a bag. I travel with carry on only. I have been burned too many times. If I think I will be shopping or bringing items back after my trip, I pack my Longchamp XL bag in my carry on. It folds to almost nothing so it is very small. If I am packing a lot of stuff to bring on my trip, I pack my carry on AND fill my Longchamp bag. I put my purse inside my Longchamp so I have a total of two items when I board the plane. I have never been told it is too big to be a personal item.

  11. Exactly what I do!
  12. I've also been able to do 6 weeks out of a carryon by doing laundry along the way. My packing strategy is very similar to apey's.
  13. Why not just box up any gifts etc and send back via parcel mail?
  14. I am the QUEEN of packing (I travel a lot for business). Twice I went to Jamaica for 10 and Barbados for 12 days and packed two outfits per day plus shoes all in one rolling carry on and duffle carry on. My boss did not believe it could be done and I video tapped it. The key is Eagle Creek Packing Cases and Envelopes. Have not checked a bag in 15yrs
  15. I have done carry-on only for a 2 week trips and cruises. I do carry-on all the time really. I would wear your heavy/bulky items like your hiking boots rather than pack them as they take up too much space and are heavy. Since you have access to laundry, you should have no problems. I do the same as Lawchick and place my handbag inside the tote along with toiletries and make-up and use this as my personal item. Never had a problem with that system. Some people like the roll-it-up method of packing and claims it takes up less space. I have tried it, but thought it didn't take up that much less.