Traveler's resolve to buy only HGs... failed! My reveals ;)

  1. That bag is awesome! You must be over the moon! Congratulations on such a beautiful bag :cloud9:
  2. Congratulations, what a great find!!!

    I have a PH Beloved (full sized) and a PH MAMM. The PH Beloved is near the top of my most-used bags, and I'm delighted to report that the PH leather and the hardware are just as beautiful as when I first bought the bag -- the PH leather has softened enough so the Beloved molds a little bit more to me, but still has structure (my personal preference).

    Enjoy your new bag, it's a stunner!
  3. Thanks rx! Yes, prettly much still in :cloud9:
    Thank you purple_lopei! I'm amazed with this leather! I'm glad to hear that she breaks in but maintains some structure - same here, I like it that way too... :girlsigh::hbeat:

  4. i love it! the lining is the cutest.
  5. Wonderful addition, tc ; you're building a beautiful collection! PH mini beloved is my go to rainy day bag :smile:
  6. Thank you ashleygrim! The birds are a nice pop of orange against purple! So cute!
    Thank you pandafan! Wow! Didn't know she's a tough chick! :p
    I sat her together with my other RMs and I felt a warm fuzzy feeling...
  7. She's beautiful!! I miss seeing lighter colored lining; it's so cute! Congrats and love the mod shots!
  8. Haze leathers are so lovely! She's gorgeous, enjoy!!
  9. Thank you anbii! I like the lining too!
    Thank you scoobiesmomma! This is my first haze leather and I'm in love :smile: Off topic - do you still have your Black/white straw MAB? How is it? I bought the MAM recently from Bonanza and I'm excited!

  10. I actually ended up selling it b/c's I felt like the MAB was too big for me at the time... I go back and forth on this! MAM's too small, MAB's too big! :push: I also was not a huge fan of the gold hardware. But honestly, it's a great bag! So light weight in comparison to other all leather MA's. I bet you will love it! So very unique! I would definitely consider purchasing again, I just wish they had silver hdw. I am not a gold hdw. fan. HTH!
  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :flowers: PH Zip is my first MAM and I think I'm with you on the "MAM too small, MAB too big" boat...I'm excited with the straw bag :smile:

  12. purple haze is a beauty - and i love your enthusiasm!
  13. Thank you thedseer! :hugs:I've seen some of your RM pieces and I:heart: them!!!
  14. Purple haze is a beauty! Congratulations!
  15. Thank you HGG! :flowers: