Traveler's resolve to buy only HGs... failed! My reveals ;)

  1. Travelers......the bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Congrats on your Zip MAM :woohoo::woohoo:
  2. GORGEOUS! I have the big sis to your MAM. I love the PH leather and the colour is just perfect as well. Congrats!
  3. *~*Gorgeous!!*~*
  4. Thank you Jenny, Vyda, luvs! :flowers:

  5. :drool::girlsigh: I will say it, I am so jealous! I love it and I want one. I think it's awesome that you got one that had never been used. I used to stalk the sites for it, but stopped. That's what happens! Enjoy her!
  6. Purple Haze is amaaazing. Oh bollocks, I need to wear my PH again!
  7. Thank you sandc :flowers: I was super lucky to be online at the right time :smile:
  8. :ghi5:
  9. Thank kings! I still can't believe that I have one :smile:
  11. Back atcha purse sister! :ghi5:
  12. Gorgeous travelers! I think I'll break out PH MAB tomorrow :smile:
  13. PH is such a stunning color/leather! :love:
  14. So glad you are so happy! Enjoy that lovely lady! ;)
  15. :hugs:I can't thank you enough! :flowers: I'll take care of her...