Traveler's resolve to buy only HGs... failed! My reveals ;)

  1. Didn't I spy three boxes...?:graucho:
  2. Gorgeous! Ocean is beautiful too but Cranberry....stunning!!!
  3. :woohoo: Love the new additions!! Congrats!! ;)
  4. Stunning new bags! Ocean Mattie looks so regal but then so fun with the flaps turned up. Makes me want to dive right in!

    Cranberry MAB is just super delicious! Love that leather and the lining!

    Great haul!!! Definitely drool worthy. :drool::drool::drool:
  5. O...M....G that blue gold (faint)......... (heart pounding skipping you name it)!!!!!


  6. :woohoo::woohoo: :happydance::happydance::happydance: :woot::woot::drool: :drool::faint::faint: :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::ps::coolpics:
  7. You're right Fashion! My sweet seller told me about the Cranberry MAB's roots! :p such a small RM word!

    It is gorgeous eehlers!!! I had to satisfy my craving for a red MAB and Cranberry just did it!!!!

    Thank you disco! I stared at this ocean mattie for a looong time before I decided to buy it, lol. I'm glad I did :smile:

    Ooooh... great question MissRed! I just took some comparison pictures and post in a while... for me, not at all similar to wine... did you know? lol... I'm that predictable huh?

    True, true blackcat! Ocean is cool but Cranberry is HOT!!!

    Thank you Denverite :hugs:!!!! My Bonz seller rocks!!!! :rochard:

    Thank you chloesmom! Regal... yes, a perfect description of the ocean mattie! Come on right in!!! ... cranberry makes me want me sink my teeth into it! lol

    Hey kiwi! lol, Thank you! I had the same reaction when I opened the package!

    thank you cee!!! S.O.S.:sos: ...:whiteflag:... but there's just so many beautiful stuff!!!
  8. Thank you Cocolo! Ocean Matties leather is soft as silk! The Cranberry MAB is perfect!
  9. Hi MissRed, here are the comparison photos... I'd say wine is deep red in smooth leather while cranberry is like milky red in slightly pebbled leather... :love:



  10. what was in that third box???!!!! :nuts:
  11. Oh wow! Biiiig difference! Theres nothing like seeing them side by side. Thanks for the comp shots!
  12. Congrats, Travelers! We're bag twins- I love my Cranberry MAB like CRAZY and I'm sure you will love yours too! Enjoy! :yahoo:
  13. It was a bracelet that took forever to arrive :smile:

    Yay! Thanks AJ! Cranberry is crazy beautiful!!! There's one more bag I'd like to be twinies with you! That elusive DT Zip MAB! I can't believe one hasn't appeared yet, lol. If it does, I'd be COMPLETE!

    You're welcome MissRed:smile: I was a bit nervous before Cranberry arrived that it would be too close to wine. I was pleasantly surprised!
  14. i know, i need an SOS too!! but you're so right... just when i think i'm "satisfied".... i look and there's yet another i wanna add to my collection. so many gorgeous RM's!!! i think it's a true testament to her creativity as a designer. i mean, you'd have to be crazy not to fall deeply in love/lust/obsession with her bags once u get your first one!! i hate thinkin about the ONE day that i finally decide to stop looking... DT ZIP MAM or one of my other wishlist bags will pop up!!! it always happens that way!! :faint:
  15. I LOVE Cranberry! I had a MAM and P/P wallet but sold them a few years back. Bad decision for me! It's such a great leather.
    You take great pics! Your bags look absolutely delicious in the photos!