Traveled in a Snowstorm Just to go to MbyMJ Store!

  1. So Chicago is in the middle of its biggest snowstorm of the season. It started snowing Thurs morning & is still snowing - Anywhere from 5-12" is expected! Well, I had plans to go to the MbyMJ store today to pick up a bag that was ordered in for me as well as another one I've been wanting. My SA called me Mon to let me know she'd be holding them for me in the back. So at 1:00 this afternoon, my husband & I (along w/our 15 mo old granddaughter) started out to the store. It didn't take us too long to get there - it's normally around a 30 min trip & it took around 45. Coming home, however, was another story - an hour & a half!!! But boy, was it worth it!!!!

    First of all, I met up w/another PFer - sep. Such a sweet girl! I look forward to meeting up again in the MJ neighborhood, having lunch & just hanging out (when the weather's a little more appropriate!) We talked & browsed - the best we could w/a 15 mo old along for the ride! (Again, sorry for all the interruptions - Kaylee demands Gramma's attention even when we're shopping!!). Checked out some goodies & saw some of the new spring bags (I thought I could talk her into splurging on a gorgeous tan hobo w/gold hardware - She has more restraint than most of us!!). Then we parted ways & I finished up my purchase.

    I came home w/a Dr. Q Groovee Satchel in Mouse Grey - the bag I saw a few weeks ago when I first went. I'm so glad they still had it. I think I may have gotten the last one!! I also bought a Miss Marc Tote from the F/W 2007 line. I've seen this bag online, but everyone's been sold out. When I was there a few weeks ago, I asked about this bag. The SA was really nice & looked it up for me. He said that there was only one left in the whole company & it was in NJ. He said he could have it shipped in if I wanted to see it. So I said OK. He also had the MissMarc Hobo brought in (also the last one). Both bags are so cute. It was very hard to decide which one I wanted. I decided on going with my original choice, so the hobo should have been put back on the sale floor for sale. In addition, I bought a couple of cute bandannas/scarves, a quilted clutch (to match my Patchwork Stam in Slate) and a small leather coin purse. Oh yea - they had 2 bins in the front of the store full of Tshirts and tote bags. Everything was $5! I looked thru the bin the best I could (as much as my granddaughter would allow!) and managed to find one shirt in my size, so I bought it (I wish I had a better chance to look thru both bins completely!). I haven't had a chance to take any pics yet, but I'll try to post some within the next day or so.

    There's so much to see in that store, I still haven't managed to see it all! I imagine I will making many trips to that store, picking up something new each time! I haven't even looked at the clothing yet. For years, almost all I bought was MbyMJ clothing but I haven't really bought anything new in quite some time (I always spend my $$ on bags instead!!) so I think this season I will finally be adding some new MJ pieces to my wardrobe!!

    Got an update on the new MJ store that's scheduled to open in Chgo. They just signed the lease and it will be located at Rush & Walton Streets (exactly where I thought it would!) It should be open sometime within the next 12-18 months!

    Oh yea - one more thing. The SA told me a really cute story.......
    When the President of MJ was looking for a location in Chgo to rent, he came across the spot where they ended up. They really liked the store/location, but the landlord wasn't too keen on the ideas that they had for the store - taking out more than half the 2nd floor, knocking down walls, etc. When the Landlord's wife asked what store they were going to open, he said MbyMJ. The wife turned to her husband and said "Honey - Rent it to them. Let them do whatever they want!" I guess everyone really does love MJ!!!
  2. this part is sooooo funny! i don't blame her! ......thanks so much for your wonderful details! can't wait to get to my local stores finally in nyc!
  3. What a great story! Thanks for sharing!!
    Congrats on your new items!! It must be nice to live so close to "real" shopping...
  4. Thanks for sharing your trip! can't wait to see pics of your goodies! :smile:
  5. Wow iluvmybags, an hour & a half to get home...yikes. I heard about the snowstorm and these are the times that I don't get as homesick (being in California now). That's awesome that your hubby and gdaughter were up for an adventure with you to pick up your new Dr. Q. I'm sure the trip was all worth it!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks so much for the update re: the new MJ store. I usually avoid that downtown area since each time I go, I manage to come home with a terribly painful to look at stack of receipts (but hey, I loveee all the stuff in the shopping bags :love:)...but now that a new MJ store will open, let's see how much I can restrain myself.

    What a totally cute story about the landlord's wife. I mean really, who doesn't love MJ!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  6. That is fantastic! What a wonderful husband! My H wouldn't drive me around the corner to spend money on anything he is tight as they come!!I would so love to live somewhere they had any kind of MJ, I live in the blasted stix!!I hate it!!:hysteric:
  7. I so need to get down there!
  8. All I need is one weekend of good weather and a shopping list. ha ha ha

  9. congrats on your new purchases!
    you must be so happy to take home all those goodies!
    If you get a chance to, can you please post pics of your new satchel? When I first saw this, i fell in love with it! But, I've only seen stock photos of this. Would love to see "real" ones... if you know what i mean...
  10. Thanx everyone! I probably won't have a chance to post pics til tomorrow nite or Sun, but I'll get 'em up asap -

    there's actually one more thing I bought that I completely forgot about - As I took one last look around, I saw that they had gotten in the "Little Marc" line - the clothing is sooooooo cute! I ended up buying my granddaughter a cute little Marc Jacobs Tshirt! it's white & has kittens across the front holding pastel colored letters that spell out M-A-R-C! it's so adorable! They also have the cutest little navy blue pea coat that I think I'm just going to have to buy soon - if you have little ones to shop for, definitely check out Little Marc (it's a little costly, but if you're a grandparent, you know nothing is too much for your sweethearts!!).
  11. Finally had a chance to take pics -

    There are several, so I'll put them in separate posts.

    First, the Dr. Q Groovee Satchel, in Mouse Grey - this bag is so soft! I love it!





  12. MissMarc Tote Bag:


    The 2 scarves (bandannas) - one in lavender, the other blue:



    And the cutest of all - the Lil Marc Tshirt for my granddaughter:

  13. I love love the dr. q! How big is this bag? Is it comparable to a Stam in size? TIA!!
    (Just what I needed: another lemming lol)
  14. It's not as tall as a Stam, but it's deeper. I haven't tried it out yet, but I think it will hold about the same amount of "stuff" that a Stam will hold. There's no front pocket, but inside there's a zippered pocket plus two more smaller pockets for a cell phone/iPod, etc.

    The leather is TDF tho!! I saw it when the MbyMJ store first opened - my eyes landed on that Mouse Grey & I just zeroed in on it!!! I knew I just had to have it!! I couldn't wait to get back there to buy it!!! They have new ones in now w/gold hardware, but I think the silver/nickel hardware looks much better against the Grey.
  15. Wow, that Dr. Q is gorgeous!! Love the mouse this (with silver hw) still available (at MbMJ or any other retailers)?

    Love all your other goodies too. That shirt is too cute!!! :smile: