TravelBug...Here's the Onatah Pochette

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  1. Here is the pics of the onatah pochette that i had bought a week ago in the aubergene. Sorry for the poor shot, I am not the best photographer.
    It is actually a big bag. I can even fir my agenda, wallet, cles phone and a few other things inside. My SA was telling me that it was selling very well when it came out a week ago and she said that they might sell it out by the end if this month.
    I do love the softness of the leather and the color is beautiful:yahoo: .
  2. Pics where are you?
  3. is this some sort of mind game?:s

  4. The pics are there.I can see it in my screen. Check again.
  5. Yah, there they are. They weren't there before. Very pretty : )
  6. That's gorgeous with the whole slouchy look...:heart:

  7. me too, I totally LOVE the slouchy look! :wlae:
  8. The sloch on it is really nice. I tried the GM but it wasway too big and kinda hard to find things if you need to because it is very deep.
    The pochette is a nice size and you can see everything inside it quite easily.
  9. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Lovely:love:
  10. oooh... very nice :yes:
  11. Congrats to a very, very nice bag! And I like the size, it's perfect and looks great on you! The aubergine is really yummy, a great colour for fall.

    I'll be picking up one in moka later this week, can't wait to see it irl...
  12. Love that colour.:heart: It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be- which is a good thing!
  13. I really love it, the colour and the slouchy-ness :flowers: & it looks good on you!
  14. Very pretty, looks great on you!
  15. Thank you for the photo ... I LOVE it and can't wait to receive looks GREAT on you:wlae:
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