Travel worries: help pls!

  1. Hey gals,

    I am going on honeymoon to Tokyo in December and while I'm bringing another bag on the flight and for everyday use cos it's roomier than my Chanel, I'm still thinking of bringing my reissue for nights out and nice dinners etc (also cos I cant bear to be parted from her for 2 wks!). Was just wondering how you gals ensure you don't "lose" your expensive bags when going on holiday. Have heard some horror stories here on TPF!

    For eg. I would have to leave most of my luggage in a Tokyo hotel for one night while we spend the night in another hot springs town (worried about stealing), will also be travelling by rail quite a lot (we're visiting 2 other towns). I'd also be worried abt leaving my reissue in my checkin luggage (I don't really think she'd fit in my carryon bbag) in case my luggage gets lost or misplaced at the airport.

    Help me please gals, are these all legitimate worries or am I just being paranoid? Do you think I shd still bring my reissue??? I don't know WHAT I'd do if I lost her...
  2. Shiny_hair, Japan is one of the safest place ever. My sister left her purse someplace, and came back 10 minutes later to find it untouched. I thought that was amazing.

    Just use common sense, when you leave things in your hotel, lock all your valuables (incl your reissues of course) in your suitcases. At all times.

    And for your peace of mind, you can always get a travel insurance. You can always get specific coverage for your valuables.

    Happy traveling and enjoy your honeymoon!
  3. I think you can still insure your check-in bag for more than the amount the airline usually will cover if a bag gets lost, but I haven't done that in years and don't know if they still do this. OTOH, it sort of lets everyone know that your suitcase is worth stealing, if you know what I mean! I usually take a huge carry on bag with me that locks, and that I keep with me at all times. Check with your airline as to what the largest carry on they will allow, and maybe get one that will accomodate anything you don't want to chance losing. I have actually bubble wrapped my flap bag and taken it with me in my carry on!
    So, if my suitcase gets lost, I'll have nothing but the clothes on my back, makeup, medicines, and a Chanel bag, at my final destination.:yucky:
  4. I would take Chanel with me to Tokyo. I trust most Japanese people. There's still little risk though as there are good and bad people everywhere.
  5. I wouldn't worry about any thief/bag mugging in Japan. People are generally honest there. Most of the women there wear designer bags anyway.
    I would be more inclined to have travel insurance to be on the safer side.
    It's hard to say but i would put your flap bags in your carry on bag instead of your luggage bag, airports/airlines could lose your luggage bag.
  6. Shld be v safe in Japan. Congrats and enjoy ur honeymoon. :smile:
  7. Japan is a very safe country. I never worry when i purchase things there. I just lock them in the suit cases.

    Last time i went, i had all these designer paper carry bags that i left around that had rubbish in it (which became my rubbish tip in my hotel room, with the actual goods locked up in the suit case), and the staff did not touch the carry bags at all.

    It's truely is one of the safest in the world... My favourite actually

    As for your reissue, you could just place it within your carry on bag if you are unease with leaving it in your suit case
  8. you should be alright bringing your bag along, like others have said (and i've experienced firsthand), its a very safe country, as long as you exercise all the proper precautions and not go to any dodgy places (but since its your honeymoon i highly doubt that'll happen :smile: ) You're going to have a wonderful time there i'm sure!
  9. Bubble wrap sounds like good protection for reissue, I have seen envelope made out of bubble wrap, it'll be cool if you could get hold of one that fits your reissue...
  10. Hi Shinyhair! I just wanted to add that I agree with everything posted above,Japanese people are very honest -I have friends here in Vienna hehe!
    on my part everytime I take a Cahnel bag along while travelling I do exactly as Aimee3 suggests,for the fear of losing luggage !
  11. oh ! forgot to add that while at the hotel I lock the bag in a big suitcase ,and I never had any suitcase stolen from my room,even when the countries I was visiting didn't have the best reputation!:yes:

    (I mispelled "Chanel" on my above post,don't shoot me,lol!:lecture:)
  12. No worries going to Tokyo - in fact you'll feel good carrying your Chanel in this glamorous city. For boarding the flight, you can put your reissue in a more roomy bag (e.g. Longchamp's nylon tote) with your inflight reading, shawl etc. I will not suggest packing any valuable bags / property in your checkin luggage coz the chance of losing it is the same everywhere. I'm glad that I packed my jumbo flap in my trip to Tokyo this August and tried my best to travel with style....:graucho:
  13. Thanks sweetie!! That really helped :smile:
  14. Thank you sooo much gals, you really helped put my fears at ease. Luv you all! :heart:
    I agree with all of you that I shouldn't risk checking in my reissue, even if I insured and they paid, I'd still find it really hard to get another black reissue w gold hw!

    I WAS going to carry my Balenciaga City onboard, but it won't fit my reissue, so either I'm going to have to find a much bigger carryon bag or I could stuff my reissue into my fiance's carryon backpack HAHA...
  15. Hehe I usu lock my stuff in the suitcase too, but in this case I will be actually checking out for one night, leaving the suitcase at the hotel (I don't know where they put them) and checking in 2 days later. So I guess I'd better carry the reissue along with me!!