Travel with your Birkin?

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  1. While I was washing the dishes this morning (no dishwasher....don't ask...oiy!) I was thinking about traveling with Birkins.

    For those of you who do travel with your Birkin, what size and leather do you have? Is your bag specifically for travel or just that you take it with you but it's your "everyday" bag? And where do you put it on the plane (overhead? under the seat in front of you?).

    Here's why I ask.....yesterday out of all the Birkins I saw, my heart went pitter-patter over a small, Gold (I'm thinking a 30cm) Togo a woman was carrying and it looked more like a handbag than a tote. And, since I'm doing a little "research" now as I think about buying myself another little something next year, I want to really make sure the size, leather and color AND wear-ability if you know what I mean. I do travel and would like to take this bag with me when I do so....I need to be sure of size and practicality.

    What do you think.....what do you do.....hmmmmm......

  2. I am looking for the same exact size and color as you are shopmom411, I am waitingI should say. I will travel with it everywhere and put it on the floor on top of something or other. I can see it already!:lol: *sigh* good luck:heart:
  3. I am also in love with a 30cm Gold togo or clemence birkin- and would absolutely use it for both travel and work! I just think the color is so versatile!!!
  4. OMG! This thread is making me want one that much more! OY! The 30cm can hold so much!
  5. I dont have any togo bags, but I do have clemence, chevre and box calf. Out of all three, clemence and chevre would be best suited for travelling, coz the leather doesnt scratch easily as opposed to box calf which is prone to scratches.

    Size, I find 30cm birkin is just about enuff, but perhaps some ppl might find it a tad too small. My mom is an example. She prefers the 35 to cover her travelling needs.

    My fav bag for travelling (compare to my birkins) would be my fuchsia chevre kelly. Leather is worry free, kellys have easy opening and closing even with the flap and straps properly closed, extra long straps for wearing on the shoulder. Travelling with a birkin, although very stylish, can be a bit pita sometimes since it's a handheld bag, and plus to wear it properly closed with the flap over and straps closed is just pure torture. You have no choice but to leave it open, which makes you have to keep an eye on your bag all the time.

    I did travel with my box calf birkin once. Got to baby it like a mad woman.
  6. Now I want a kelly too.:lol:
  7. Thank you, everyone. All of this is so good to know! I would not travel with my Box HAC for just exactly the reason you state, Sarah....I baby it as it is!!!!
  8. I have yet to travel with one of the birkins, but for size, I think the heavier weight of the 35 for me is the reason I don't want one; 30 is perfect and will hold everything and then some! A GP canvas in dark or amazonia might be an option if you really want to travel with a tote, and then have the kelly for your purse...I love the open style of the birkin though! And color is just a personal choice but I thought you were on a red hunt??!!! I do like gold as well...but would it get dirty??
  9. Star....I think the 30cm is just the right size too. I wasn't sure about the Gold color until I saw one IRL's really a beautiful, neutral color! The lady was wearing all black and looked exquisitely put-together!
  10. SHOES.....see what happens? I know! I go from Red to Gold in a flash! It's just that when I saw it, my eyes popped! I'm REALLY thinking I could be very, very happy with either a Rouge H or Gold Togo. Either one.....probably the first one that presents itself will be IT, you know?
  11. Shopmom, from what I've seen and heard, togo is pretty much similar to clemence in terms of durability. It will prolly make an excellent companion for travelling.

    And yes you have made the right decision with your box calf HAC, do not take it for travelling or you can be temporarily crazy (like I did), LOL!
  12. or vermillion shopmom, don't forgot that!! I'm still stuck on the no dishwasher comment though deserve all those H bags lol!
  13. SARAH.....what size again is your Fushcia Chevre Kelly? I have a 32cm Togo Chocolate Sellier which MIGHT do for travel.....

  14. LOL....if you only knew, Shoes.....

    .....I swear.....
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