Travel--What to Wear in Paris

  1. I will be going to Paris the first week of September. I plan to shop, eat, and visit the sights, and as you might imagine, shopping is probably my first priority. My husband will be at a conference so I'll be on my own during the day. My question has to do with what to wear during the day and in the evening where we probably will eat in neighborhood cafes, not anything super expensive.

    I guess I need to reveal my age so suffice to say I have two kids, one a college grad and the other a freshman. Enough said, I'm of average height, on the thin side, in good shape and love fashion and clothes. So, suggestions to look great and feel comfortable, particularly for my feet as I plan to walk everywhere so I can eat!!! Thanks.
  2. Where are you staying in Paris....?
  3. First, the season's great for layering. Depending on the weather (and the past two years have indicated that it's best to pack light), you could always go with something relatively flimsy (light tshirt, strappy tshirt) for daytime with a cardigan to protect you from the sun, and remove the cardi in favour of a shawl or a warmer cardi for evening.
    Be sure to wear something comfortable because most of your time will be spent queuing (possibly outside) at museums but the insides are relatively cool, cold sometimes (thinking of the Louvre here). Suncream is ESSENTIAL.

    If you don't want to be the jeans and tshirt kind of tourist, you might want to invest in a pair of capris if you feel comfortable in them or some linen trousers. Skirts would be good for the evening.
    Shoes... Depending on how comfotable you are, you might want to try sandals or cute trainers. Converse are pretty comfortable and good for all ages. Don't wear heels, they're killer when visiting (cobblestones et al.)

    Definitely pick up some Petit Bateau tops when you're here, they're really worth it. There's another thread floating around with some shop recommendations.

    Oh and in Paris, no female ages past 25, even under torture. ;)
  4. We are still looking but as of this moment we are planning on staying on the Left Bank, in the St-Germain-des-Pres area, at a hotel called Relais Saint-Sulpice.
  5. I was there last September and the weather was not too hot or cold...but you need a light jacket. Do need to bring an umbrella though...cuz it tends to have scattered showerin the morning.
  6. I was in Paris in September in 2003 - during the infamous heatwave. Wow - I swear if it wasn't illegal I would have stripped and jumped into a fountain somewhere.

    A great pair of capris, a mac (light, short trench - they're selling loads here in Holland), and a pashmina would be great. Also can I recommend Birkenstocks? I love mine and they're great for walking in (if the weather's fine).

    If worse comes you worse, you could always go shopping!!!;)
  7. Hey Cal, are we following each other? I was there then too!
    There are so many trendy little sandals, birks and similiar, that are so funned up these days. I think even MJ has something.
    I always end up packing about 4 pairs of shoes and then not being happy with any of them once I get there, end up buying something!