Travel wardrobe for Paris - Need Reality check!!!

  1. Ladies, especially you frequent European travellers, I need your kind assistance.

    Hubby and I are making our very first Paris sojourn early in May! :nuts: Here's what I'd planned on taking that I hope would get me through 8 days and provide me with appropriate wear for shopping, sightseeing, shopping, dining (some fancy), shopping, and hanging out in cafés watching le monde pass by;) :

    2 pair dark denim jeans (wear one for travel)
    1 pair black jeans
    1 pair black tailored, lined trousers
    1 black pencil skirt
    1 dressy 3/4 sleeve jacket (plum)
    2 silk short-sleeve black sweaters (wear one for travel)
    1 silk/satin dressy top, sleeveless
    1 black t-shirt
    1 black cotton blouse
    1 charcoal gray cardigan (wear for travel)

    2 pair black walking shoes (1 loafer, 1 patent ballet flat)
    1 pair black peau de soie 3" classic pumps

    Black Ferragamo Marisa bag
    Black Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap
    Longchamp Le Pliage medium shoulder tote

    I figured I'd probably pick up some scarves and maybe a jacket or two while I'm there. From what I've read, temperatures average mid 60's to low 70's this time of year, and I tend to get cold easily, hence the sweaters. What do you experienced Paris travellers think? Too much? Too little? Is there something crucial I'm overlooking? Do I need a pants suit for dressier venues or will a skirt and nice jacket work? I thought I'd stick with primarily a black palette because it doesn't show dirt/stains. I'm looking for a realistic minimum here. Help!!!! :confused1: Thanks so much for any input/ideas.
  2. Sounds like a great mix of pieces, but why so much black? Throw some colour in... it's spring time :smile:
  3. I actually don't have a lot of color, other than some brown, camel, gray and white. I tend to stick to neutrals these days, and use scarves for accent colors.
  4. Maybe include a dress for the more formal occassions?
  5. Nice... make sure anything brought to Paris is Authentic! They arrest you over there for fakes... I am not kidding! Lots of walking shoes which you have... lots of hills and cobblestones... heels, just a pair for at the hotel or fancy dinner.
  6. I'm not sure we're going to get much more formal than a nice restaurant (no plans for the Opera or ballet at this point). Do you think something like this would be dressy enough?
  7. No worries, no fakes here! :smile:
  8. Yes I think that dress cover you.. it's very pretty!
  9. I think the skirt and jacket would be good enough even for fancy restaurants. From my experience the french women don't dress up that much. They always look chic. You can't go wrong with black. I have lots of black in my wardrobe, too.
  10. Accessories? Belts, necklaces, bangles and an impossibly chic newsboy cap. Remember to bring sunglasses as well - they instantly glam up any outfit.

    Hope this helps!
  11. I'm planning on bringing the following jewelry:

    Diamond studs
    Large but slender gold hoops
    1920's-looking black and white beads
    A couple of costume jewelry brooch's.
    Scarf or two (though I plan to buy several once I get there...Paris is Scarf Central from what I've been told)

    I'm not much of a belt person, and at 50 am probably a bit old for the newsboy cap, but that is a cute suggestion. Sunglasses, always! Never go anywhere without them. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  12. Yes, I think that dress is great.

  13. We just came back from London and Paris on Monday, I loved them both!!!!!!

    We walked everywhere, took the Metro etc...comfortable shoes that you can wear on uneven surfaces ie:cobblestone are a must if you are travelling by foot.

    I saw alot of Parisians in black too.
  14. Personally, I wouldn't bring that many pairs of jeans to Paris. It's such a magical city, I would wear clothes that haven't been worn yet and that are a bit over the top. That's just me. But I do like your bag choices, Chanel is always good in France. Longchamp is so amercanized that I wouldn't bring it. Have a great time! I hope you enjoy yourself there!
  15. Yes, Black is the so called color of Paris.