Travel wallets

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  1. I have the LV Zippy Organizer in black Epi, I'm absolutely in love with this thing, LOL

    Let me see if I can dig up some pics..



    Are you looking for something like this?
  2. ^ I love the EPI leather but is this one big enought to hold passport and boardingtickets?
  3. ^Is this just an Epi wallet? Or is it an organizer?
  4. I don't think from the measurements the EPI is long enough to hold tickets....

    I was looking for a travel organizer too - I have a passport cover w/credit card slots & have been just sticking my tickets in that but a cute organizer that holds everything would be better!
  5. I have a Balenciaga Compagnon and it can hold my tickets, luggage claim ticket, passport, money (2 compartment for diff currencies). I LOVE it.
  6. I have a green Goyard passport cover/wallet. It holds a ton. I love it. Keeps everything very organized.
  7. I have one from Mulberry (perhaps not very stylish, but good) which can hold boarding tickets, passport and a few frequent flyers loyalty cards. I really liked the one from Aspinal of London;).
  8. I have a leather one that I got for free on a corporate trip once. I've been wanting another one, but nothing else I see compares to this one, it has all the perfect things I need: pen holder, different compartments for diff currencies, zips all the way around...
  9. I like a lot of those but pricey! Especially for something I'll only use a few times a yr.

    after looking at these expensive recommendations I guess the one I saw for like 115.00 isn't SO bad - lol.
  10. I saw one in London last year at Harrods or Selfridges. It was made in smooth delicate leather and simple lovely. Don't remember who made them but could have been Kate Spade. Must look into it.

    Smythson has gorgeous things but it's just to expensive. You can get a LV Speedy for that kind of money :smile: