Travel Wallet

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  1. Hi

    Not sure if this is in the right place but I am looking to buy a travel wallet (designer) and I was wondering which designer is the best one to go for (except Louis V).


    Stefy x
  2. How big of a wallet are you looking for? Something for your passport too?
  3. Balenciaga makes an awesome one with dividers and compartments and credit card slots. Its called the Giant traveller. Its the black one in this pic:[​IMG]
  4. Yes, am looking for something that can fit two passports and tickets etc.

    Thanx for the pics Circoit :smile:
  5. I just got this zip walled from Marc Jacobs because of its great functionality and I think it would make a great travel wallet; its a long shape, flat, its got a firm structure to it although its soft leather. The coin area is zippered and is upright when you open it, and theres a place for a pen. Plus it zips all the way around and has a strap for extra functionality and security. Its big enough to hold a checkbook too, maybe more. I think its called a soft classic zip clutch.
  6. I think the coach accordian zip around wallet is very spacious, cute, and afforable. :tup:
  7. I have an oversize Tano clutch that I think will make a pretty good travel wallet and it wasn't that expensive!
  8. I agree! Tano clutch wallets have so many pockets they are the ultimate organizational, travel wallet and it should hold a passport and tickets.
  9. ^^^Oooh, I love the Tumi!
  10. Thanx guys you're a big help :smile:

    I like the Tami one too, but the price range is a bit much for me, I mean I have no prob spending that much just would feel a lil guilty.

    Do Dior do any? I would love a baby blue or pink colour, red also is my fav.

    Thanx again x
  11. I use this one,

    It's a cosmetic case but I use it as a wallet, I just throw everything in. I got it with 50% off price around 55 $, from Longchamp boutique. Great leather, very durable.
  12. cool, will check out their website to see if they have anything that suits.
  13. i got mine at they have a few styles, nice colors.
  14. I don't think they have it on their webby, weird huh???:confused1: I often check their site for prices, and I never saw this purse...