Travel tote recommendations - specific requests


Jul 22, 2006
Hi everyone! My favorite travel tote that I have used for the last probably 12 years has finally given up the ghost. Zipper broke and pocket ripped. It has taken a LOT of beating and did admirably for a no name nylon bag I got for $20 from TJ Maxx.

This is why I loved it:
- Cute pattern but wasn’t TOO nice so I didn’t feel bad about shoving it under an airline seat.
- Wasn’t too structured (so it would be hard to squish under a seat) but had a flat bottom so it would stand up if set down.
- There was a zippered pocket on each of the sides outside plus on each end there was an open pocket that I could slip my phone or other misc things in
- Inside there was one zippered pocket
- It was large enough to hold my full size laptop, iPad, a notebook/folder and still get my H Evelyne in if I needed to consolidate for carryons.
- It was comfortable to carry on shoulder

Looking for recommendations if anyone has a thought! I have a Le Pliage but the lack of outside pockets bothers me.