Travel to Asia - looking for a 220v to 110v conveter

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  1. Hello ladies and gents,

    I am travelling to China and Korea next month and would like to bring my ipod,laptop and hair straightner with me.

    Could you please recommend a reliable 220v to 110v travel size converter to me to bring on the trip?

  2. I found a really good one at Radio Shack that is a universal adapter & converter for all types of outlets. Mine's really old and well used so the name is scratched out :P, but I recommend trying there. :smile:

    (If this helps: black plastic with some sort of red lettering...too bad the letters have been worn down.)
  3. I don't suggest you use a converter for the flat iron. It will definitely get ruined. I used one for my chi iron and killed it the first day i got to the UK. I think the converters have different ratings for the max watts it can convert so ask about that too. Also almost all laptops i have owned have a power adapter that is suitable for both 150v and 220v so all you will need is a universal plug. Check the back of the adaptors and it will say something like 110-220v.
  4. you won't need one for your ipod, and most likely not for your laptop either.
  5. Thanks for all your inputs. I do want to bring my CHI hair straightener there. Did anybody has any luck using it overseas?

    Thanks. :smile:
  6. Yes, but you'll need to check the voltage and get a step down converter, and not just an adapter. Your straightener will have the wattage/voltage measurements on the plug or in your manual/Google it. Definitely reference this before purchasing a converter.

    Also, I highly recommend using the same converter for the ipod and the laptop because it is a lot of voltage that wears and tears on the internal electrical components that are not built for the 220 voltage system. Sure they can handle it, but rest assured these components do better with a step down converter.
  7. If you are staying at a Hotel, they may be able to lend you one for your duration. Use with caution I busted my curling iron while in Hong Kong cause I did not pay attention to waltage limits.