Travel tips in St Thomas

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  1. We are goint to ST Thomas next month, Feb. 20 and staying for 3 nights. I bought two round trip airline tickets on Spirit for $187 after all fees (under 100 roundtrip per ticket). We are looking for a budget place to stay. Most of the resorts are 250-500 per night plus about $50/day in extras. So $900-1200 for three nights....ouch. I found a condo in the west end on top of a hill that has a great view (in the pictures) for about $400 for the 3 nights.

    Anyone familiar with any other places, condo's etc that may be reasonably priced. Also any other tips of fun things to do would be great. Were were there several years ago for a few nights so Im kinda familiar with the place.
  2. I would recommend going to Sapphire beach while you are there! Everyone will say to go to Meaghans bay (spelling?) but it is very crowded and not nearly as beautiful and scenic, IMHO. We spent a day at Sapphire beach and there was a hotel right there. it was nice but didnt look like a place that was overly expensive. i dont know the name but it is worth googling.
  3. Thanks were able to use the resort without staying there. It's open to the public?
  4. no, we didnt use the resort just part of "their" beach. i really have no idea if the place is nice on the inside or not, i just know that it was right on the beach and didnt look very expensive.
  5. Bolongo
  6. You absolutely must take the ferry to St. John for the day and go to either- Cinnamon Bay, or Honeymoon beach!!!

    St. John has much better beaches and they are usually deserted. Last time we went to Cinnamon bay beach there were only about 5 other people on the whole beach! It was amazing!

    There are some nice beaches on St. Thomas but they are usually pretty full compared to St. John, and a couple are a bit dirty. If you stay on St. Thomas Coki beach is great for snorkeling and Megans Bay is good for sunbathing.
  7. ^^ Cinnamon is a beautiful beach! We went for the day during our trip to St Thomas. They had beach chairs & snorkel gear to rent and some snacks & drinks for sale. We had a very relaxing day there.

  8. Yes we like to camp. We actually decided to stay on St John and booked our stay at maho bay camps. They are large cottage type tents that are interconnected with a boarbwalk. They look interesting.

    Luckysmon-Did you stay in any of them?

    Thanks everyone for your input. We are gonna stay the first night at Mafolie Hotel in Downtown Charlotte Amalie then go to St John the next two nights (only 2 nights were available at Maho). If anyone has any idea's let me know. We did go to Koki beach last time as we stayed at point pleasant witch is walking distance.
  9. Coki beach for snorkelling, just watch your belongings at the beach.
  10. Bump...wondering how your camping trip to Maho went?