Travel tips for Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper?

  1. Mr Roo and I are going to Alberta in a couple weeks. We plan to spend at least four days in the Banff area.

    We have a place to stay already but would like some travel tips for that area from anyone who's been there.

    We're driving from Seattle and are taking our dog too. :yahoo:
  2. I don't have any tips for you unfortunately, but Banff is soo super gorgeous (I've only been through there) I'm sure there will be lots of outdoorsy things to do. :smile:
  3. The drive itself from Banff to Jasper is pretty spectacular (as is just about any drive in the Banff area)...
  4. Wish I could help you. But have fun, Roo! We'll miss ya.
  5. Hi Roo

    I live in Alberta and Banff/Jasper is gorgeous! The mountains are very pretty. Make sure you bring your camera! I would suggest visiting the Banff Springs Hotel, or the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. There are some great hiking trails you can go on too.

    Make sure you bring a leash for the dog, in case you run into any wildlife. (mostly deers)

    And, just so you know, there is a Louis Vuitton store in Banff, but the selection there isn't that great.
  6. we stayed at moraine lake lodge and it was incredible. great food. the lake isn't so bad, either. we specifically stayed there to hike the nearby trails - some of the nicest ones around, supposedly - but couldn't because a grizzly named walter was tromping around. i agree with the suggestion to go to lake louise, really beautiful. take the walk up to the teahouse and sit for a bit. we enjoyed that. also, i agree. the drive to jasper is gorgeous - watch out for elk and sheep on the road. we ate at a place called earl's. i think it was a chain - casual, moderately priced. the food was fine, but the great thing was that they had an outdoor, rooftop deck where you could sit and watch the world go by. definately worth the mediocre food. and the chocolate cake was better than average dine-out cake.
  7. 0o0o0o0o I had such a blast when i went to Banff and Jasper... i bumped into a really HOT police officer there last year!! SO HOT!!! anyway, we stayed at a place beginning with A - i cant remember it, but it was quite a LOVELY place (in Jasper) OH LAKE LOUISE is so beautiful - loads of ppl though!!! Banff was fun... we went up the gondola etc.. and did a spot of shopping... it was GREAT weather and yeah... just an awesome experience! i cant wait to go back again... HAVE FUN, Roo! oh yeah... i went into that LV store in Banff quickly, - but not much was there...
  8. Hey Roo!

    Where are you staying in Banff? I had friends that went there, and I can give you some top secret information if it's the same place.
  9. Hey Jillybean,

    We are staying in just a regular best western because we are traveling with our dog and they allow pets. We're also going to be doing some camping. But I'll take whatever info you have! :P