Travel/Suitcase/Lugagge Brands

  1. Hello everyone!
    i was wondering what are some cute/popular brands that i can get luggage/suitcases/travel bags from?
  2. for an overnight/weekend bag, i have a vera bradley bag- i believe it's called 'miller' . it's a great size, has a zipper top, but can really be stuffed full if need be. it's got tons of interior pockets, too. i really love that bag.

    for 'real' luggage, i have samsonite. i'd love an lv bag for travel, but i don't travel enough to justify the cost- yet. :graucho:
  3. For me i love Tumi luggage.
  4. Another vote for Tumi.
  5. I'd say samsonite and tumi are really good luggage pieces and a lv carry-on!! :sweatdrop::wlae:
  6. I second Vera Bradley. A lot of people here hate them. *lol* But, they're lightweight, reasonably priced, and you can fold one up and put it in with everything else if you think you'll need to go shopping while you're traveling! They do come in more muted, less "grandma-ish" patterns, as well (for those who think they're too busy). They have a million shapes and sizes, too.
  7. me and hubby have 1 cabin size travel luggage Victorinox. it's very sturdy and one of his colleagues actually compliment it (when it was newer lol). we :heart: it dearly
  8. For carry-on, you can go totally cute/stylish. But for anything that's checked, I would not recommend anything but the sturdiest and most reliable brands - Samsonite, Tumi, Swiss Army (Victorinox), etc. The airline people manhandle those things and they get tossed around pretty badly (sometimes in bad weather), plus they get really dirty.
  9. I have Hartman. It has held up beautifully. Doesn't look like its ever been used after 6 years.
  10. I travel with one suitcase, from Costco, very good looking and sturdy, and inside I put a Le Sportsac duffle for use as a second bag to handle travel purchases. It is inexpensive and indestructible. I also use a smaller Le Sportsac as a carry on bag. Nice designs. Has been talked about in design magazines as being reverse chic.
  11. Longchamp has cute luggage too.
  12. I've had the same Lands' End luggage pieces for more than 20 years. Looks well-used, but it lasts! Great prices, too. My husband has an LE wheeled carry-on that is about 2 years old. He travels a lot, and he loves it.
  13. Agreed:yes:! lol!
  14. hartmann and tumi