travel shoes recommendation pls!!

  1. Dear members

    Can someone pls recommend a good pair of walking shoes for traveling. I would like something that can go with dress pants or skirts. My travel usually involves city sights, shopping and meals at nice restaurants.

    I have runners for the nature walks but I need something for city travel.

    Brands and retailer info would be helpful. I know a lot of ppl would recommend ballet flats but where? which brand?

    thank you:yes:
  2. and offer a wide range of styles. I always wear ballet flats when I´m exploring cities. They go with everything and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  3. thank you Deelove
  4. Delman makes some great lightweight ones that will pack to nothing and look fabulous day or night
  5. thank you everyone
  6. My vote is for the gucci ballet flats...i have the black which can easily go with jeans as well as dressy black pants, and they're super comfy!! You can get them at a Gucci boutique or Neimans and Saks also carry them...good luck!!
  7. Lepetto Paris also has nice ballerinas
  8. Sue London flats are pretty comfortable & soft but I'm afraid it will be too flat for comfort. You can always give it a try.

    Whenever I travel, I usually wear my Prada moccasin similar to the photo below & my ever so reliable metallic Converse.

  9. those are cute ...thanks
  10. nothing beats my wonderful pair of Chanel flats, followed by comfy, casual, dressy and chic...