Travel questions-getting tickets for airlines?

  1. I'm looking to go on a trip to Arizona on March 1 through March 9. I know it is getting kind of close to get good deals, well actually everything is pretty high right now... Anyway, just looking to see if the prices will fall in the next couple of days or the week prior to,etc..any help would be great! Thank you.
  2. Anyone? Please!! :smile:
  3. What airline are you looking into? We usually fly southwest to Florida and check daily for specials. That's the only thing I can think of, to keep checking the website?
  4. im just looking for the cheapest. I will hop on southwests site now. thnx.
  5. Where are you flying from - to?
  6. I had heard that Tues(?) after midnight, I think, are specials. My DH knows more but is sleeping. Someone had given us that tip before.
  7. I am flying from Cleveland to Phoenix.
    I will try on tuesday too.. thank you!
  8. $298. March 1-8. Return on 3/9 gets you 400+ rt. Good luck.

    Edit: $298 + ttl.
  9. Just did another search. Fare is gone!!!. Hopefully you got the last seat! :tup::heart:
  10. I generally use Travelocity and set up a fare watcher (I actually have a permanent fare watch to Albuquerque with them). I got my Thanksgiving trip last year for $150 that way (Dulles -> ABQ. it was quite a happy day). Also, flexibility with your dates may help. You can use many of the travel sites to search flexible dates. Good luck!
  11. The BF and I want to join his family for an event in South America in April, so we've been checking flight prices daily. We've seen some big fluctuations in ticket prices from day to day, but we would ideally like to buy the tickets as soon as possible, as they usually cost more the closer you get to your flight. Now I will check Tuesday after midnight, thanks to this thread. LOL. We've been using priceline, hotwire, travelocity, and individual airline websites to check prices; you may want to look there. Good luck booking your trip!
  12. Southwest or American Airlines would most likely be the cheapest for a last minute trip. :yes:
  13. I've also heard Tuesdays are the cheapest too!!!!! There is a website (the name is not coming to or something like that) that will check all the websites! there generally a rule about how far out to book to get the cheapest fares? Isn't it like 21 days or something?

    I have a big trip to London coming up in a couple months...and the current airfare is scaring me!
  14. ^
  15. I live in AZ and my Mom gets the best flight prices on USAIR and Delta. It's hard when you book real close. We are having chilly weather today it's in the 60's. You will love it out here.