Travel question (domestic)

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  1. Is the "only 3 oz of each in a ziploc" rule still in effect for domestic flights?

    I have a flight coming up and I really don't want to check any luggage if I don't have to, but if that rule still applies, I guess I will have to. The last time I flew, it was international and I had way too much luggage...LOL!
  2. Yes, I believe so. The last time I flew domestically, which was back in early Dec, the rule was still in effect. I had a big ziploc bag stuffed full with my makeup, toothpaste, lotion, etc. b/c it was just an overnight business trip, so I didn't want to check anything.

    Good luck & have a safe trip!
  3. go online and check the FAA rules,they do change every once in a while.But last month,I had only 3 oz liquids allowed
  4. yes still in effect. some airports are really strict, others dont even check. but the rule is still there
  5. Yes. I usually buy cheapies when I get where I'm going.
  6. Yes, it is still in effect at all US airports
  7. I've read that it's likely to be eliminated sometime this year--yay!!! such a silly rule. I had a TSA person give me a hard time 'cause she didn't like the type of quart-size bag I had! The other woman there said it was fine, but the 1st woman insisted it was wrong. (it was a bag with a real zipper rather than zip-loc)
  8. boxermom, I hope it's true!!! It is such a pain to deal with trying to cram everything into those little bags (and what a ridiculous thing for that TSA person to argue! geez!) and deal with shoes, belts, coats, laptops, etc. UGH!
  9. Same applies in Europe, ladies, and makes my life miserable every time I travel (which is... let's see... quite a lot!!). Why people cannot understand that a girl needs really that many creams and that much make up?????
  10. Yes & they take it very seriously at some airports. I had a mini-bottle of lotion labeled 3.7-oz that was spotted on the scan of my handheld. The security guy said it was over the limit. I pleaded to no avail. I offered to pour some out so that it met regulations. Nope. Don't take a chance - it's not worth it.
  11. Thanks everyone!

    Looks like I am checking a bag. *sigh*
  12. Still in effect. Some airports are stricter about it than others, but I wouldn't risk it.
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    Yes, it's really quite a pain. I'm always worried that my checked luggage will get lost or delayed and all of my make up and hair products will not be easily replaced during my trip, especially when travelling overseas.