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  1. I have business travel coming up to London and Kuala Lumpur. I know that there are H boutiques in both places - and my hotel is directly connected to the KLCC mall where the boutique is located! So, my question - could I really save $$ by buying overseas? I know that I get VAT refunded, but then don't I just end up paying customs duty?
  2. The bags are slightly cheaper to begin with, and with the added VAT refund you will still come out ahead. :smile:
  3. Even in KL? It seems to me that everything Hermes is more expensive in Asia.
  4. You may save a little in the UK, but with the bad exchange rate and the 2-3% extra charged by your cc, it's not really enough to make a difference unless you make a substantial purchase - then you run into the risk of paying for duty when you return (depending on if you are planning to declare your purchase or not). HTH!
  5. OOps - missed the KL. But in England, you still may be able to get a bit of a deal.
  6. In planning my itinerary to KL, my assistant has given me the "option" of connecting through Singapore, Frankfurt, or Dubai. Lilach????

    Where might I get the best H buys??? That's what is really going to determine where I fly!!
  7. definately frankfurt ! they do have two !!boutiques one at the airport and one at the posh goethestrasse. if you are a natural colour girl you might find something (neutrals seem to be german preferred colours )
    ok then dubai. forget it. dubai is fab i love it to death and pieces and you have to visit for a few days (one is not enough) but as a tourist and unknown to hermès here and without the right last name the right jewelery and a known face forget it to even see a bag here.
    (even i who lives there since more than a decade does not shop there as locals get serverd first and the bags never reach the shop the go directly to the homes of the royals and highly important locals . only refusals may hit the store but i do not buy these for personal cultural reasons i dont want something that was not good enough for the shaikha :shame: :lol: but the things that show up and are not taken are ugly anyways :lol: )
    ah and about germany another plus the 16% vat and it is amongst the cheapest places in europe to shop for designer goods in general
  8. Brilliant!! Absolutely the information I needed -- you are the best! Trip is being booked through Frankfurt first thing on Monday!
  9. my pleasure if you want i can give the store a call on monday to see what they have in stock (if they tell me that is)
  10. Yup, yup - Frankfurt airport! They had quite a selection of stuff while I was there a few weeks ago and the great thing is that you get your 16%VAT back right there and then at the store! (after a quick upstairs to get the forms stamped) Just make sure you give yourself enough connection time to shop around...
  11. I'm not going over for about 10 days -- If you don't mind, I'll give you the "heads up" when I am booked so that I can get freshest intel!! Thanks so much - you are the best! :yahoo:
  12. Thanks - double confirmation! If I have to go that far on business, I might as well make it worth my while on a personal (fun) level!!
  13. yes just send me a pm short before you leave and i give them a call. so if the don´t have anything that catches you you dont have to go into the city and just visit the airport store :flowers:
  14. Many thanks - I will do that!
  15. Lilach you are sooo sweet:crybaby::tender::heart::flowers:!!