travel notebook...are they worth it??

  1. Heya guys,

    i got the new issue of teen vogue a couple of days ago and i saw at a page the Louis Vuitton travel notebook,it was pink and it had Mumbai written on it with a realy cute drawing of a elephant...its 79$Us(90$canadian)It looks like this but in wayyy cuter...but i realy don't know if i should get it..watcha think?

  2. I've seen it and it's cute but expensive for just a notebook.
    If you really like it than buy it!:yes:
  3. well i do like it...but im not sure if i love it..and plus i dont even write well and a lot
  4. I would like it better for the price if it had some LV monograms on it...but its a fun purchase if you keep a travel diary.
  5. I didn't know they had that! I might just get the Mumbai one and use it when I go to India in 2 years or so.
  6. Its abit too much $$ imo for a note book.I rather put that $$ to buy a cles or a bag that would last longer IMO. If you really love it buy it though!
  7. It's only drawings but the city guide are great.
  8. I like it...I would say it's worth the money, it's just so damn cute!
  9. I saw the Athens one and it was beautiful
  10. I'm pretty sure they have a Paris one..that's the only one I'd consider getting :biggrin:
  11. They do have Paris.

    Each page is different, so many cute drawings.

    I bought them back when they were $50-$60 as gifts....
  12. here's the one i took with me to Paris:

    it's the best looking travel diary i've seen. it's got pretty Parisian scenes on every page, a few postcards and a pencil. i've used it throughout my journey as a journal and scrapbook. wonderful memories. my brother also took one when he went to New York :yes:
  13. I have the NYC and the Tokyo one! They are absolutely adorable :love:

    However I got them via Ebay for way less than retail (under $10 each :yes:), so I just couldn't say no.

    I'm currently on the hunt for the other ones as well, but I don't think I would pay retail. After all, they are just notebooks and just standing on my bookshelve. :flowers:
  14. I wouldn't buy them. But if you like it, get it.
  15. You can see all of it on under books and writing page. lol