Travel Journal of the COACH Sisterhood!

  1. (thanks to all for being patient!)

    Hello all. Princessa Ella Bonita von Legacy here. Ah, yes, the name. Apparently, my parents couldn’t decide, so they decided give me all the names that suited me so well. I love the connotation of history, don't you? Oh, you can call me whatever you like- I’m fond of Ella, though, for short.

    I was born in Jacksonville, Florida and now have made my way to Georgia. Seems like I am meant to live in the south- but I am certainly interested in visiting all over the country (and world!)

    I am currently living with a beautiful family and sister Katherine. There's also a dog by the name of Ruby, who seems quite content to stare at me like I am a chew toy. But, I digress.

    Sister Katherine and I are off for the afternoon for a day of birthday fun and mischief! :graucho:

  2. Sister Katherine tells me that her mother, ever since she was born, has put out a photo album of her baby pictures...So we woke to a photo album on the dining room table...

    Isn't she cute?
  3. awww Princessa Ella Bonita von Legacy! its a pleasure to see hear your stories of getting acquainted with Sister Katherine!
  4. Yea! We are traveling!! Can't wait to see what your up too
  5. hallo princessa ella! i'm sure you will have tons of fun with sister katherine (:
  6. oooh!! I know princess ella is in for some fun tonight!! :p
  7. YEA Princess Ella!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures, and I am certain you will have a fun celebration tonight as well!! :yes:
  8. this is gonna be fun!
  9. Well, we spent the day out about about today. Sister Katherine got new highlights after a catastrophe yesterday. We also had an enjoyable birthday dinner with the family...but quickly found out cameras are hard to operate after your 4th margarita. haha.

    We did, however, get a cute shot in the car on the way to campus. It was a GORGEOUS day here in Georgia- one that called for the sunroof open and music being cranked up!

  10. awww Princess looks beautiful tied around Sister Katherine's neck!!!!!!! ESPICALLY since she gets to celebrate a bday!!
  11. btw, kiddos. it's NOT a smart idea to take pictures while you're driving...not that i did that...:whistle:

    at least i had my seatbelt on. that's gotta count for something!
  12. i thought you pulled over or did it while at a stop light.
  13. lol, no. that would have been smart.
  14. lol....girl, you are too funny. but um next time, no pic is worth the risk.
  15. fine fine.

    at least i didn't do it on the interstate.