travel ideas in Europe...

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  1. Hi ladies! I recently took a trip to Munich and Vienna, and loved it! Vienna much more than Munich...but I liked the fact that both cities were very authentic and not crowded with tourists.

    Besides the tourist hot spots I want to avoid (London, Paris, Rome) anyone here recommend a lesser traveled city in Europe that she loved?

  2. Siena, Italy is gorgeous but quite small. It is a medieval town very close to Florence.
  3. I'm really found of Antwerpen in Belgien and depending on when you go, you can combine it with Knokke in the summer or Brussel at other times.
  4. There are endless options: Hamburg, Stockholm, The Hague, Antwerp, Brussels, Lyon, Budapest, Gdansk, Krakow, Edinburgh, Seville, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Genoa, Turin...
  5. Never thought of that one - thanks!
  6. I've found that most cities in Austria (except for Salzburg), Switzerland and Germany are less touristy. Even Berlin has a less touristy feel because you get a lot of national tourists. I'd recommend Hamburg (it gets a lot of local tourists, but very few international ones).

    Scandinavian cities tend to be slightly less touristy as well, but it also depends on the time of the year. I've been to Copenhagen and Stockholm during the spring months and it was fine, but it can get busier in summer. Helsinki wasn't too bad either. Most cities in general are bearable if you go during off-season (except for aforementioned Paris, London and Rome - they're always awful). I've been to Venice in May and saw very tourists.

    Other recommendations: Glasgow, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Lyon, Budapest (Spring/Fall), Antwerp, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Geneva, Zurich, Innsbruck, any Dutch city that isn't Amsterdam.
  7. Luxembourg City was too crowded with tourists when I was there this month. Horribly boring though, but some good day trips to Germany!
  8. I loved Prague!!!yes there is tourists but Im a tourist I loved it so much to da. I also loved amsterdam

    Im going to Istanbul in April.
  9. Alghero (Sardinia), Helsinki, Thessaloniki, Zurich.
  10. Zurich
    Rothenburg (even though VERY touristy)
    Montepulciano (small but very beautiful. Where the Twilight New Moon was filmed)
    Lausanne (not Lucerne...)
  11. Lyon is really nice and I also like Strasbourg.
  12. :P :lol:

    i LOVE helsinki but i'm not exactly the average tourist, an ex-pat to be precise, so it's like going on vacation except your friends are there too. but to visit as a tourist if you don't know where to go and what to do it can probably be hideously boring, especially if you don't go at the right time. summers can be amazing (this past one was crazy warm) but i wouldn't recommend it from probably october-march/april, except for around christmas when it can be good too (if there's snow). there can be a lot of tourists in the summer though, it's one of the stops that the cruise ships make when they go around that area.

    other than helsinki, i adore copenhagen (there can be a lot of tourists there too but not toooo bad. but i live in london so there are few worse places for tourists) and stockholm too. and i STILL haven't made it there but i hear good things about tallinn and i will go, one day.
  13. Oops, I meant to say Luxembourg was NOT crowded, but boring.
  14. Another vote for Stockholm and Istanbul.
    Salzberg is charming but can be touristy.
    Lots of great smaller cities in the UK like Bath, Oxford, Wells
  15. I'm from Vienna, Austria and I think that like 99% of tourists here are either from Japan or Russia :P