Travel groups?

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  1. I *love* to travel and usually end up jetting off to europe by myself (because none of my real life friends travel like I do). But there are travel groups for just about everyone out there: cyclists, gay, singles, etc. Aren't there travel groups for young women into art, fashion, shopping, culture? If so please post! I don't mind traveling alone but it gets old after a while...
  2. So true - it really does get old after a while!

    I think a lot of non-degree programs allow students to join in on such opportunities. I studied abroad for a semester in undergrad and there were several other students enrolled specifically for the travel.

    But I'd love to see if there are other ways for us young ladies to do this too.
  3. Ladies, there's a group in Florence, called Meet-up, which also has groups in the US. They host group tours into Italy. Google Meet-up - perhaps there are others if Italy isn't your chosen destination right now. They don't specify age groups as far as I'm aware. Hope this helps.
  4. Catdance, I belong to s few meetups but they get inactive after a while. I'll see if there's one that's doing tours in my area!

    K girl, I wish I had studied abroad!
  5. This is a really good point. I don't actually prefer group travel/tours, I like to do things on my own but I know a lot of friends who want to go a lot of places but won't even consider doing it on their own (not necessarily alone I just mean like self organized). My grandma's seen most of the world and she's done it all with tours, she was always too uncomfortable to organize it herself
  6. I've never being on one, but there are many group organized trips with a tour guide. I know older ppl prefer them.
    I want to go to Paris for fun once but I don't speak any French (I do understand plenty though) , last time I was there it was for business and I got plenty of fou and idiot from the lovely Parisians, and now I'm intimidated. I want to go for 3-4 days, see the Disneyland, shop around and eat a few pastries, so I need a person who speaks french so I will have 0 interaction with the French. One solution is the organized group and the other one is to go with MIL who went to a French school and she is bilingual. What to do?
  7. Belle, I just want to say that I totaly admire you for jetting off by yourself!

  8. go avec moi :P (although i'd skip the disneyland bit i'm afraid :whistle: )!
  9. I say just go and give it a shot again. I'm going solo in November for over a week and my French is high school French, although I'm working on my language skills now. I might be American, but I think I can still enjoy the museums, churches, sights, etc.! This time might be just fine and you won't know unless you give it a shot.