Travel Goodies

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  1. Went for a little long distance trip to the sunny warm side of the world. It is not a big sHopping trip but pick up a few items that I wanted :smile:.
  2. Can't wait Bluewin...!! OOoh....
  3. Accessorize*me: welcome to the mini party

    here are some interesting decoration from the hotel that my friends and I stayed at.

    on top of H goodies, there's going to be a lot of shoes too :graucho:

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  4. Ohhh a reveal exciting!:woohoo:
  5. skes2002: welcome to the mini party :party:

    the boxes shot :biggrin:

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  6. Hmmmmm not going to try guessing as i am always wrong!
  7. Hi bluewin, I'm here!
  8. skes2002: i always try to guess but i'm always wrong too. :P

    ClassicTwist: you are here too, welcome to the party :ghi5:

    there are items here that might interest Robee, paging robee :devil::ninja::devil:
  9. I caught a live one! Yay!!
  10. let's start with the smallest box

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  11. Looking pretty already!! Congrats!!
  12. enjoy some jap food while the pictures are being resize ;)
    bon appetit!

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  13. i am here too! caught a live one! where did you go!? it looks like Ginza H?!

    the twilly is lovely, as always! is that grey or brown?
  14. the more the merrier, welcome to the party: edelzee, KaLindy, hanyeu

    hanyeu: you have a very sharp eye! twilly is Tohu Bohu in brown cw. i saw the special dip dye BdG twillies in Ginza H but the ones I saw in the shop has (almost) no pattern. As much as I like those twilly on another member here, I didn't get them

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  15. Oh a live one!
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