Travel / Flying with Bugaboo

  1. Next month we are taking a trip (one way by train, and flying home) which will involve alot of walking & I *really* want to take my Bugaboo Chameleon. (we also have a Peg Perego but I hate it - it's so hard to maneuver & tough on my back) but DH thinks that the airline will destroy it on our flight home. Has anyone flown wit theirs? Was it easy? Did they destroy it? What would you do?
  2. I would only take it if you are okay with it getting beaten up. I've gone on many flights over the years with a stroller and something usually happens- from little things like scratches to bigger things like a tray cover being torn off. Nothing ever made it unusable just a bit less pretty.

    Depending on how old your child is, we really grew to like a foldable travel stroller from Summer Infant. We bought it online from Target a few years ago. It becomes small enough to fit in the airplane overhead compartment, which means you maintain control over what happens to the stroller.
  3. I personally won't take my stroller when flying. I would hate to see scratches on it. Have you check if the airport in your destination rent out stroller?. I know here in US, if we go to Vegas for example, they do have this baby items rental service and they can deliver to your hotel room etc.
  4. If you're dead-set on bringing it, I'd invest in the travel case Bugaboo makes. I think a light, portable umbrella stroller might suit you better though. I always bring my cheapo one... sometimes it's a bit obnoxious to maneuver but I like that I can fold it up with one hand while holding Bubs.
  5. If you really want to take your stroller, I would definitely recommend purchasing the travel cover. Otherwise, the stroller is likely to get very beaten up, and dirty as well.
  6. I usually take my stroller to the plane and just check it in by the gate. I always do this
  7. check it by the gate for the best handling, but truthfully they toss car seats and strollers around like junk. i wouldn't take a bugaboo, because the lightweight frame can just totally crack. the case would prevent it from dirt, but not from being tossed.

    we took a combi stroller on a plane once, it was inexpensive and lightweight and i didn't care what happened to it.
  8. Another option is to box it up- for example, if you still have the bugaboo box, put it in there and send it off with your luggage. That may help protect it from breaking. Don't forget to take a Baby Bjorn (or something similar) with you for use in the airports, or in case something happens to the stroller.
  9. Me too. I wasn't aware there was any limitation on this - we've taken our huge BOB stroller everywhere and no one had a problem gate checking it for us.
  10. I always travel with my bugaboo bee (essentially, it's smaller than the chameleon and only one piece and not 2 separate pieces). I suggest that U should get a bugaboo travel case to place it in. This will help prevent it from getting damage.
  11. Not the Bugaboo, but similar price point/bulkiness...I've taken our Orbit stroller on multiple flights. Most recently between CA and HI, and with the ride along board attachment on. It made it through fine, though it does have some scuffs and scratches. If you care about that type of thing, then take your lightweight one even if you don't love it -- you'll only be using it for a week or two (or whatever the duration of your trip).

    I always gate check. I did get the Orbit case ages ago and used that for one flight, but that meant I basically had to check it at the counter rather than at the gate, because it took so flipping long to stuff it into the case plus the case was another big thing to get through security. So no stroller through the airport.

    Last time I flew (June - w/4 yo and 6 mo), I bailed on the Orbit and took our Inglesina, which I never use otherwise. As others have said, one-handed fold is a pretty handy feature when you've got bags. Remember that whatever you take you are going to have to fold up and get through security if you gate check it, plus on the jetway. Another thing to think about -- will you really use it while you are gone? I'd say that 75% of our trips, I don't take a stroller at all.