Travel Cases

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  1. Was wondering if anyone has Hermes travel cases and if they would recommend? Was thinking of getting a set of Bolides & Bolide Minis.

  2. caleche express ???
  3. No, these are not luggage. To me these seem more like cosmetic cases but my SA calls them travel cases. There are 3 sizes in the color I like (Terracotta). Cotton canvas, waterproof lining, and pocket inside.
  4. I know which one you are talking about ..........they are pretty ........go ahead if you like you are aware that they are made with cotton, so they will not be as durable as the leather ones..........I personally use Karo and be-bop ........
  5. Agree with Sydspy, I have these in 3 sizes. They are light and pretty but I still use Ziplock bags inside in case of spills. I guess they can be cleaned but mine are holding up well so far.
  6. You recommend Karo?
  7. I don't recommend anything...........I always tell anyone to buy anything they like ...........:biggrin:
  8. haha... unfortunately I take that advice a little "too" well. :giggles:
  9. Sydspy's thoughts and advice are amazing and he really knows H inside and out!
  10. buy buy buy ............that's my advice ............he he he........:biggrin:
  11. haha, thanks!
  12. I have both the Bolide in cotton and the karo; I use the bolide when I use my Kelly wallet as I don't like thinking that the buckle will scratch/indent the karo! I actually use the Bolide more, as I'm a bit stupidlly precious with the karo.

    I bought the bolide because the karo was not available at the time and I'm glad I did as its much squishy-er (technical term) than a leather option and can mold easier into spaces that the karo IMH(umble, or crazy)O needs a bit more room for.