Travel Bolide - Plane

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  1. Can a 47cm Bolide fit in the overhead bin of a commercial plane?
  2. I have not seen this particular bag but a 55cm LV pegase trolley case does?hopefully snother member can help further
  3. I'm sure it can. My 50cm victoria can.
  4. Thank you, folks!:flowers: My LV keep-all 55 fits, but then it is long and narrow.
  5. A travel 47cm Bolide doesn't hold much. I never use mine.
  6. Have you never flown on an airline? I would check out the carriers web site, or call the airline to see what their restrictions are.
  7. -Good feedback, thank you. MAybe not worth the cost per use, then.
  8. Maybe have to bend the handles.
  9. CHESSMONT....I don't think they're worth the $$$$$. Especially when you have all the security screening and lack of toting-ease.....I'm all about cost-per-wear lately and IMO you could probably use your money better elsewhere....
  10. I think bolide 47 is too big.
  11. -Yes, I agree, S'Mom, after thinking on it more.
  12. So glad you posted this question - I've been secretly wishing for a 47 Bolide to use as a briefcase/travel bag, but reading all of these comments...maybe not! Still love the look though!!
  13. I would like a Bolide Voayge as an everyday bag.

    I would never travel with it though! 40 birkin/hac is fine as long as you can have it in front of your legs on the floor, but I once traveled with a 50 HAC and it was truly painful as I had to have it in the overhead compartment, as I worried a lot of other peoples stuff that could damage it someway.
  14. Also they tend to me fairly priced second hand. I still regret I didn't buy an orange clemence one in Paris last year. Was only 2500 euros and from 2005!
  15. yes i have the larger size bolide as in the over night i think its over 50cm or something not sure,i wear that and a 30cm birkin perfect for travel the bolide fits fine on most commercial airplanes and the birkin under the seat so yes if this is the question in hand go for it
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