Travel Birkin for men

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  1. hey girls,

    I'm searching a birkin as a small travelbag. I mostly wear tailored suits and I'm NOT gay - I'm very masculin - but I love the birkin.

    my girlfriend has a black 40cm birkin which ist too small for me - but it houses easily an apple macbook.

    so I don't know which size to choose...

    from the picture this size does it for me:


    but which size is this?
  2. It looks like a 50cm to me....
  3. Birkinguy, the birkin in the photo is a 50cm travel Birkin. Notice the base has 3 rows of metal feet. It really gets heavy once filled with stuff. Another alternative would be the 40cm HAC which is like a tall birkin with shorter thick handles and wider straps like in the 50cm travel birkin.
  4. I noticed this too, but:

    when you look at this 55cm travel birkin

    the handles are more close to each other than on my picture - and you said it's the 50cm?!?
  5. ^The difference is that the pic from the F1 race track is a Birkin and the pic from authentic luxuries is a HAC
    The HAC is the 'original' Birkin, it is the model that the design of the Birkin is based on.
    The HAC is more 'north south' as compared to the Birkin's 'east west' shape and the handles are smaller.
    Check out Jaegerhomme's collection, he has both Birkins and HACs. I think a 40 HAC would be very nice without being overwhelming.
  6. Don't know if it's any use to you but the Manchester store in the UK has a travel birkin in a gold/natural tone of leather. I lifted it once and it is pretty heavy but gorgeous, gorgeous luggage. Definately a bloke's bag; sturdy and handsome at the same time.
  7. It is funny to see these days heterosexual male has to literally declare he is not GAY before he wants to carry a Birkin.
  8. Yeah, and how he uses "masculin" as an opposite to "gay", which aren't really antonyms at all. :s Oh well, good luck on getting your Birkin..
  9. I love you, too!
  10. :heart:sorry if my comment was a little harsh. :heart:

    But I guess you just want a bag that suits your style no? I'm just get so tired of misplaced gay -related comments as your orientation doesen't have anything to do with your choice of style, thus my vent or rant. Sorry for the off topic.

    I think how big a birkin should be depends on what you're going to use it for and how big/tall you are. I'm sure you'd want to avoid havning it look like a purse, so it would probably help the "girls" here if they knew your size.

    IMO if you want a casual bag, a 55 HAC would be enormeous unless maybe you're 200 + cm tall.
  11. [​IMG]

    mh, I know all of you are very serious about bags, especially the birkin, but if I look at all of these pictures I think his birkin looks huge and so nice!

    is there a birkin 55cm? or is it really 'only' the 50cm?
  12. I have seen a Birkin 50cm in my local store before, it is huge!So, I am sure that is a 50cm or maybe even smaller than that.
  13. I think there is even a 60 Birkin (or HAC)
  14. ok, whats now the size?

    the facts again from this thread:

    - its a def. a birkin - not a HAC
    - size min. 50cm because of the 3 rows of metal feet

    can anybody say it's definately the 50cm?
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