Travel Birkin - Carry On???

  1. I am thinking about buying a travel birkin for, well, traveling. And I was wondering if I took it to the airport would it be too big to be a carry on? There is no WAY I am checking this bag :rolleyes:
  2. I think the 50cm would just make it. I travel with a 45cm regular Birkin and have had no problem. Depending on the plane, it can even fit under the seat. Granted, I have to mush it up a bit to fit. For that reason, I recommend togo or clemence. They're softer and pliable and scratch-resistant.
  3. I agree

  4. I use it when I travel as my "handbag" since my carry-on is my Yorkie in her carrier. I've always gotten away with it. It's usually jammed full of Iris's (my dog) supplies for the flight.
  5. it will be very nice only if you can bare the weight of the bag......i wish if they had wheels
  6. Thanks everyone! You were all very helpful :smile:
  7. :yes: Luckily, I'm a very, very strong girl.