travel bag? never full vs ysl muse

  1. Hi

    I need a travelling bag soon..some that is rather big, as such I have narrowed it down to either lv never full bag or ysl muse extra large..

    lv never full bag is more appealling to me as it is more spacious and well i love lv..

    However, it doesnt have any zip like the ysl muse bag. Ysl muse bag is growing on me. But more importantly, it has zipper to close the bag for security reason..

    What do you guys think? would it be safe to travel with a bag that cant be closed?

  2. I guess it depends on how you're traveling and where the bag will be?

    If you're going on a plane and it needs to go over head i'd soon have something with zipper unless you're going to have a jacket in there and the bag will fit standing up.
    If you're in a car I would go with the neverfull since you'll have no issues about where the bag will be.
  3. I love the neverfull but it's not a safe bag for travel
    If you love LV what about a cabas mezzo? it's not as big as the neverfull GM but it's a great large bag IMO.
  4. Yeah thats what i thought as well..neverfull its not exactly the safest bag for travel.. but LV promotes it as a travel bag hahaha...
  5. What about a zipped bag like the carryall ?

  6. yup yup.. i will be travelling on a plane..and i guess i will need to store the bag on the over head compartment :sad:..

    and im afraid that someone might put something inside the bag when im not looking.. yup yup, im not paranoid
  7. A travel bag should zip! Have you thought about a speedy 40? That is a gorgeous travel bag!
  8. I have no qualms about traveling with my neverfull GM. :p:yes:I usually put all my valuables in a belt bag or money wallet when traveling, or another small purse. The big bag is for a book, sweater/layer, makeup bag and my laptop. I can also just toss my gloves/scarf in it in the winter.

    The problem with longer flights is you'd want a bag that can zip and go into the overhead bin. The neverfull would have to stay in front of your seat. I'd also use longchamp les pliages.
  9. I would definitely get a keepall, carryall, or speedy 40 instead to use as a travel bag.

    The YSL would be massively heavy and not really as practical, imo.
  10. I'd go with the Keepall 45 or a Speedy 40 as well..the Neverfull doesn't zip and the Muse, while a better style, is much too heavy for that purpose.
  11. I also think a small keepall or the carryall would be better than your two choices, but if you are looking for a shoulder bag i would go for the cabas mezzo. Or if you don't need a bag right away maybe you can wait for the release of the mono palermo in november. It's a shoulder bag like the mezzo but without the vachetta bottom.
  12. Between two I would get a YSL muse. It looks more stunning to me. Anyway, the price of those two bags are a very big different.

    PS: I am not a fan of LV monogram canvas.
  13. yeah.. i do have lv speedy 35, but i think i prefer a shoulder bag as i dont really like to carry things when im travelling..

    how heavy is the ysl muse? as when i carry it in the boutique, it doesn't feel that heavy.. but i guess its gonna be a different story when i stuff all my crap inside the bag :sad:

    I kinda need the bag by the end of the month, as ill be leaving first week September..
  14. Muse is heavy. I don't think it's good idea to carry that bag in a big airport.
  15. Some keepalls come with a shoulder strap. I recommend a Damier Keepall 55 or a Mono Keepall 50.