travel and customs questions

  1. I know this topic must've came up before, but I can't find it via search...

    for those of you who've travelled out of the states and came back with several pieces of LV (I mean bags, not accessories), how do you get by customs? Do you actually pay the fee(s)?

    I've only been to paris once (way back), and at the time came back with 1 small LV item that was less than $ I didn't have to worry about customs fees...but I'm curious if I were to go again and come back with several items..what do you guys normally do? also, do you carry your newly acquired item(s) with you or check 'em in? do you get approached by the securities at the airport for proof that it's real or that it's your's and not newly purchased if you claim you took it abroad with you..?
  2. I got majorly BUSTED in customs..DECLARE EVERYTHING.Carry a recipt for ALL AND ANY DESIGNER items or if they search u...u MUST show proof of purchase..EVEN IF U didnt buy items abroad.THEY can seize ANYTHING Without a receipt.i ended up paying almost 900 dollars in FINES.Had a GOD AWFUL over 3 HOUR ORDEAL coming back from Paris.ITS NOT WORTH IT.Had I claimed it all..I woulda paid like 100 dollars and been fine.THEN they started taking stuff of mine i bought WAY BEFORE my trip too..LUCKILY..I carry most of my receipts on me....
    Learn from my awful experience.CLAIM EVERYTHING.
  3. OMG..sorry abt the i know to shop less when overseas:graucho:
  4. wow! thanx for the info and advice! Will keep that in mind...wonder what the customs fee percentage is..? how many did you buy since you say you would've only had to pay $100 in fees..?
  5. OH...did I mention also that EVERYTIME I travel(carribean AND overseas...)...Im pulled aside as my Passport is now FLAGGED FOREVER. sucks.
    I bought 3 bags and 2 pairs of was a nightmare.It wasnt even intentional.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, the limit on goods you can bring back is $800 per person per month. Definately declare everything, as someone else said. I've only been stopped when I have been carrying food, but nothing has ever been confiscated nor have I been fined even when I carried my LV purchase in the LV shopping bag it came in.

    Whatever you do, don't internationally ship anything back home because you are guaranteed to be paying a lot higher customs duties than at the airport.
  7. oh, ok...3 bags and 2 pairs of shoes for $100 fee is not bad...gosh...can't believe they flagged you forever!...that's scary...
  8. Oh Jill, I'm so sorry for your ordeal!

    Myself, I'm aware that there is a risk I can get caught, but since our customs rates are 25%, it is a risk I'm willing to take. I have not been stopped so far, but I had a close encounter the last time I came from Copenhagen - they just pulled me aside and talked to me for a bit, but didn't check my purchases (which was waaay less than even our customs limit anyways) - so I don't know what they were after, maybe they were looking for someone special or found it weird that I was shabby dressed and had an LV keepall - I don't know :shrugs:
  9. As I know it... if you buy something duty/tax free overseas, you will have to declare those items if it's above certain point (depends on which countries you reside). most of the travelers get their items duty/tax free (either from duty-free shops or claiming the tax back at the airports), so most of the time you will have to declare those items if they are above the limit..

    i think same rule applies if you bought an item from your country and then you bring it overseas (claiming the tax on the way out), and then return to your country with that item.

    hope i make sense lol
  10. Jill, I am so sorry to hear about what you went through! How awful!

    I am confused about something, though. What is this you all are saying about getting stopped for things you had with you when you went overseas? Say you are carrying an LV that you have already owned with you and then return with it - would they give you trouble about that?
  11. Anytime a person travels, they should carry receipt copies for any high value items. That includes watches, jewels and designer goods. Customs can confiscate/fine/charge fees on anything they think was imported and not declared. Sounds crazy but as Jill experienced, it does happen.

    For Canada, you can purchase and ship items and then declare when returning. There is a special box to check off, you get a form that lets you get a refund if there are duties assessed when the package arrives. I did this with over $1200 worth of china and had no issues. Hubby thought I was crazy, it took all of 2minutes and there were no problems.
  12. yep..They CAN and WILL confiscate ANY designer items ...if u dont have proof of purchase!!!!
    isnt that insane?(Like most of my suitcase is ALL designer crap...mostly old....but it didnt matter)
    Once they search u...u r basically screwed.
  13. my mother had a similar experience driving from italy. the car was searched and they were trying to confiscate bags she had bought years ago because she had no proof they were real or proof of when she had purchased them. in the end she had to call her store and get them to confirm when she had bought them.
  14. Not sure about this, since my neighbor often goes to Europe and buys LVs for family and friends. 2 years ago she bought a Cerises Speedy for our friend, and a bunch of damier bags. I'm sure her purchases then amounted to more than $800.

    Also, when she travels with her LVs, she brings her receipts as well. It's crazy that anyone has to do this! Personally, I have never travelled with designer purses, but I've travelled with designer clothings and I never brought my receipts. Geez, I don't think that I even have their receipts anymore.
  15. The limit IS 800 per person......