Travel Advice - Where should I go next?

  1. Hi ladies! My husband and I recently returned from our first European trip to Italy. We had a fantastic time -- so much so that we're itching to travel again. We just don't know where? :shrugs: On our trip we visited Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. What we liked about these places was the fact that we could walk a lot to view the sites. We VERY much enjoyed renting a car and exploring on our own in Florence and Rome too.

    Where do you guys think we should go next? Our short criteria so far is:

    1) Has to be in September/October. (gives us time to save up)
    2) Romantic, scenic and old country
    3) In Europe
    4) Rental car friendly

    So far we ruled out Egypt (I'm too nervous about it) and Spain.

    Thank you in advance!!! :yahoo:
  2. I'm nervous about going to Egypt too. Our travel agency sent out a huge flyer recently and they had a really nice 14 day trip to Egypt that was reasonably priced...But, IDK. Don't feel too safe :x Same thing with going to Turkey...I just don't feel safe going to the whole middle-eastern part of the world. Sorry if that sounds ignorant!

    Ummmm, how about going to Italy? I'm not sure if you watch Everybody Loves Raymond, but a friend of mine went to the town that they filmed the Italy episode in, and she said it was absolutely beautiful!! :smile: She went especially because they had filmed the show there, lol.

    The town is called: Anguillara and my friend said it's around 40 minutes outside of Rome :smile:

    When I have a chance to go to Rome, I'm definitely going there to see :biggrin: It looks beautiful:


    She said it's a very very old and poor city though...So it all depends on what you consider "old country" :smile:
  3. Have you gone to the French Riviera?I stayed in Nice..Then went to Cannes,Monte Carlo,and some TDF romantic old towns nestled in the country...I still have the name of a private tour guide too if you need it.It was the best trip I ever went on
  4. I'll put in a vote for London (although keep in mind, they have right hand drive, which can get scary if you're not used to it), Brussels and Ireland.
  5. I've been to Egypt several times and felt safer there than many other countries. :smile: It's my all time favorite destination.
  6. Prague? I dont know how rental car friendly it is as I've never had to rent a car in Europe. There are some places to visit outside of the city I suppose you could drive to, I just always used the trains. You could do Prague and then head to Budapest.
  7. Not my business why you ruled out Spain, but that would be my recommendation. We had a wonderful time everywhere we went.

    What about Germany? Denmark is interesting also. Netherlands and Belgium?
  8. I'd say Germany or Southern France.
  9. i'll vote for Greece....
    I love Greece.... If I culd find a job, I would move there.....
  10. I recommend Turkey. One of the best vacations I've had...
  11. Barcelona! I'm not sure about the rental car part --- because I stayed there the whole time, but its a realllllly beautiful place to be.
  12. Egypt and Spain were both amazing for me - but ruling those out, my suggestions would be:

    1) Lake Como, Italy (north) specifically Bellagio (unbelievable beauty) Every hotel has a view of the lake!

    2) South of France, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, Cap D'antibes, etc.

    3) Provence, France

    4) London (one of my constant destinations and favorite cities!)

    Loving it all! Travel is the greatest luxury!
  13. Portugal! My favorite trip! I would also recommend the countryside in France. Austria is extremely beautiful as well, and perhaps a bit lower-priced than Switzerland.
  14. omg. you took the words right out of my...fingers, i guess (since we are typing this!)
    london is definitely old country, and so is ireland!
    i would definitely put ireland on the top of my list!
  15. I agree, I've gone to several places in the middle east which people may consider "danger" and many tourists were there having a great time.

    At the moment I would avoid lebanon, my aunt's mother in law recently got out of there to come visit here in Canada.

    As for other parts of the middle east they're perfectly fine, several parts of the gulf like UAE are always safe. I'm sure Morocco is just fine as well. And Turkey is a great as well (love turkey : ))