Travel Advice..going To Sorrento Italy!

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  1. Just planning an incredible trip to Italy..staying in Sorrento in beginning of :tup:September.Any one have advice(where to SHOP???!!LOL!)...what sites to see...etc?!
    Appreciate all the help I can get.I have only been to this is all new to me.I know we are goin to go to Capri,Pompeii.......prob a day in Naples....
    All travel advice welcome!!!!

  2. I stayed in Sorrento, but our group was always running late so we never had time to explore. Capri is fantastic--you'll probably take a boat into the Blue Grotto. Lovely shopping on Capri, and the best pizza I've ever had in my life. Pompeii is mind-boggling; exploring the excavation within sight of Mt. Vesuvius. Be sure you always have a cap and water--at Pompeii it was so hot several of us got sick from too much sun and we were drinking water like mad.

    Wish I could help more with the shopping. It's so beautiful there--you'll love it.
  3. Ah, so jealous! We were supposed to go to that part of Italy this year, but we ended up in Spain. Bleh.

    I haven't spent that much time in that part of the country, just briefly to Naples, Pompeii and Herculaneum, we stayed in Paestum. Before going to Pompeii our teachers wanted us to see the National Archeological Museum in Naples, it was nice, so if you enjoy that kinda stuff you shoudl go. I really did not get to see any more of Naples... it was some weird policy that if we were spending more time in Naples that school would have to hire body guards for us because they did not feel that Naples was safe. However, it looked totally fine to me. Lol. I think they were just over reacting. Positano is supposed to be beautiful! My bf & I have talked about getting married there. Just gorgeous from the pictures we've seen. Oh, and don't wear heels to Pompeii. You'd think that is a no brainer, but when I was there I remember being shocked that women were wearing heels there! Its uneven cobblestone streets that are what, nearly 2000 years old? Sorry that I don't have any better comments or recommendations, but have a fabulous trip!
  4. We're going to Lake Como in August - plan on running into George Clooney whilst we're there. Been to a few other places in Italy but not Sorrento - sounds fantastic though!
  5. Wooooo you have the best vacation ideas Jill!!! no suggestions, haven't been there, just wanted to see what great trip you had planned this time round!!! =P Have fun!!!

    PS: I see you survived the birthday party and the tween sleepover!! LOL!! How was it? did she have a good time with the party and all?
  6. Have a fantastic trip!
  7. Can't help with Sorrento but I know it's beautiful! Samathan Brown has a travel program on the Travel Channel and I think she has hotel recommendations on her website - she's done a program on the Amalfi Coast, check it out. The hotel she stayed at was amazing!

    Capri is very fun - if you can stay a night, they have some really fab boutique hotels. The Blue Grotto was fun but we had to wait for a long while on a little boat, if you or anybody in your group gets seasick easily, keep that in mind, and you are in there for a minute or two before having to leave, so get your camera and video camera ready. Make sure you go all the way up to the very top of Capri from Anna Capri. The way you go up there is a lot of fun - on ski lifts, and the views are just absolutely amazing.

    Pompeii is very unique needless to say ... wear comfortable shoes and bring water like the other said. We didn't find Naples that appealing ... but we did go to the archeological museum where they keep a lot of the excavated items from Pompeii - it's within walking distance from the train station.

    I am so jealous you are going! I am sure you will have a lot of fun.
  8. Wow, you sure go on a lot of trips!

    Have a great time :biggrin:

    Sorry, no advice from me - never been to Italy!
  9. My grandmother's family is from Capri :smile: I spend atleast a week there every year! Be sure to try the "Limoncello" in Sorrento (it's a very nice lemon-based alcoholic drink).I can tell you a bit about Capri!
    What I recommend is the view of the sea from Monte Solaro, and bring some good shoes, as most tourists are not used to climbing the stairs (and the best way to get around is on foot).Also the Grotta Azzurra is a must see!We used to swim there when I was younger, although I think it's forbidden now. You are going to have so much fun :smile:
    If you want to go out at night, the Underground is a nice place (it's in the center of Anacapri).The other big one is the Discoteca Zeus but I didn't really like that one :biggrin:
    As for shopping, there's a Roberto Cavalli shop for sure, and there's a boutique called La Parisienne although I'm not sure what brands they sell (as usually I'm not shopping when I'm there). Maybe there's a Fendi (or Gucci?) shop, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Edited to add: Be VERY VERY careful in Napoli!Lots of pickpockets who look out for tourists to rob!Seriously, be really careful there!It's waay worse than in Rome.

    If you have any questions I'll try to answer , my grandma still lives there to this day with my uncle's family!
  10. wow, sorrento is top choice. my parents did a lavish trip around that area last year so they can help I guess. I will ask and get back to you.
    capri is so incredibly luxurious, wow!

    hope you will have a great trip.
  11. A very nice but very STRONG lemon drink :tispy:
  12. wow-great advice..Thanks guys..Yep..Im doin lots of travelin this year..LOL..My oldest daughter is out of the house now,sniff,so I have more me- time!
    Interested in findin out where the high end boutiques are located.....anyone know?

  13. I SURVIVED!!! LOL!...the kids were actually well behaved..I slept till noon today though..HEEHEE..Had to play catch up on my sleep!
  14. Pompeii is very interesting - but remember to bring a hat and lots of water - it gets really hot there (and I went in April!)
  15. I've been to Pompeii, Naples and I think Capri as well. The one that sticks out most to me is Pompeii. It is an absolutely amazing place, especially since time was essentially frozen there after the volcanic eruptions. Yup, like everyone else said, summertime there is super hot! so don't forget the hats, water, and sunblock!