Traumatized, I had to eat lunch sitting next to a fake LV

  1. So today I ventured out to South Coast Plaza to visit the LV store. Well, after I realized that DH had taken my AMEX card out of my wallet and had not put it back, I knew that I would not be buying anything so I went to lunch at Quatro Cafe. They have a bar type seat that looks out into the mall, and usually single diners sit there. So, I sat down and within minutes a woman sat next to me and put her horrible fake LV bag on the bar between us!! I don't even know what bag this was supposed to be, it was so awful. I found it hard to eat. I had to sit by this evil thing for 30 minutes. OK, sorry for the vent. :rant:
  2. Ok - I've got one worse! I have three daughters and last year for Christmas they each got their first new LV from the store. Last week, my youngest (who got the mini-looping - she's 16) asked me to take her and her friend to the mall. The friend shows up wearing a fake mini-looping and going on and on about how real it looked (NOT!). Then they want to go to LV! I'm going, (to the friend) - "honey, you might not want to wear that in there - she knew it wasn't real). She says - oh no problem. I couldn't bring myselt to go in with them - I wanted to crawl into the floor. The bad thing was the SA knows my daughter and the next time I went in the store, he teased me about her friends bag!
  3. WTF!! Quatro Cafe?? That was me and my fake bag!!!!

    J.K!! LOL!!!!!
  4. I was just about to stop by there today! Sorry about the neighboring fake though. :Push:
  5. Eeeewwww, sorry you had to suffer on what sould have been a perfect at SCP *sigh*:heart:
    I just don't get the mentality behind buying a fake:shrugs: Why do the worst ones always come out at lunch? I saw the nastiest mono bucket with a pocket on front & plastic handles at Panetta yestertday:yucky:
  6. This is when you know you're an addict... :lol: I would be traumatized as well. :Push:
  7. I would've left and found a better view...
  8. I think fakes are not even close. And some people are so proud to wear fakes. I think they think it looks 'real'. My husband and I examined a fake one discreetly while I was wearing mine - and he was convinced that the LV on those purses are off - and they don't have the nice brass, etc. They are not the same quality made. :yes:
  9. hahahahhaha....they do come out at lunch!!

    i was at BK the other day with my mom and there was a fake ambre and a fake cabas mezzo and i was like to my mom "there are 2 fake bags in here and only one real one...ehheh mine" (she bought me my speedy in lv zurich so she should know lol) and she was like "whatever i can never notice the difference" and i was like "duh..look at that one" *point to fake cabas mezzo* and she said loudly "ew...yeah that DOES look pretty cheap..." ...haha the woman was so was a BAD BAD fake though, the bottom was mono and then had like ugly tannish plastic triangle things on the corners...ughhh

    so sorry you had to have lunch with one irishgal!
  10. i went shopping with my friend, and i brought my authentic lv MC, where she bring her fakes. i just feel kinda bad though to think i'm annoyed by her bag, she's a very nice friend, she just can't afford a real one yet because she's doing her house.
  11. oooh.... i ihope you "acidentally" spilt something on that bag :graucho:

    what's even more painful is when you have to fake interest or try to look pleased/excited about someone's knowingly fake purchase. :Push:
  12. Not related to eating lunch but I was once walking along Swanston St. in Melb. and I saw this girl who was trying to pull off the Kate Moss look with the whole boho look. She had a poncho and sunnies on and a fake LV Speedy and she was trying to act like she was a fashionista. Luckily I had my Speedy and I walked right past her and I made sure she had a good look at my REAL one :lol:
  13. OMG!!! I laughed so hard after reading the title of this post!!!:lol: I feel for you!!! My town is infested with fake LVs!!!:yucky::hysteric:
  14. Oooh, that's terrible! Sorry you had to sit by that thing!

    At least your best friend hasn't gone to Hawaii with plans to load up on "good lv knockoff" as mine has.
  15. UGH! I'm sure it was so annoying. Sorry she ruined your lunch.