Trasporto vs Adios Star

  1. What's the consensus? What's cuter? Trasporto or Adios Star? :smile: I can't decide!
  2. I prefer trasporto :biggrin: I'm not as scared of getting it dirty, and it's covered in adorable little characters!!!
  3. AS for me :smile: i love the black and white with splashes of color. im not fond of trasporto because of the grey color, but otherwise i'd get it, its cute ^__^
  4. I like both, but Trasporto is more practical as the gray won't show dirt, unlike AS, which you have to be very vigilant about keeping clean.
  5. I'd go for Trasporto - more color for your bucks and the characters are super cute. Much harder to find a perfect AS placements - unless you love AS more than the others. :smile:
  6. trasporto for me, more cute characters and more colors, and dont get dirty easily
  7. Trasporto for me too. I love all the characters, especially the scuola being driven by the inferno guy!
  8. I have to vote for Trasporto, too. :tup: I wish the AS had a little more color and variety of characters.
  9. i personally prefer the AS but i like that it's a little plainer, Trasporto has too much going on for me
  10. I love both for different reasons... AS very bold and graphic with splashes of color (when placement is good)... Trasporto, nice overall tone (stays clean) and small size of characters guarantees decent placement most of the time.
  11. Trasporto! You can't really get a bad print with it.
  12. Thanks so much folks! I'm really torn. I want a Cucciolo for work and those seem to the the prints most available (I'd love Inferno, but it ain't gonna happen I don't think). The AD is more grown up I think, but it's a little sparse and hard to find a good placement (as mentioned by others)... from what I've seen, I'm not convinced I'll love trasporto, but others have said they fell in love in real life... anyway thanks for the votes :smile: *goes off to ponder*
  13. Good luck. The other alternative is to get both, like I have. Although I have a different bag for each print.
  14. I have both and love um both. I think I like the AS better because I love the black and white. I think if you can't an awesome print placement on as it makes a whole lotta difference. I guess because I haven't used my Trasporto Zucca yet, I'm more for AS. Who knows what tomorrow brings, I change my mind like I change my clothes....EVERYDaY!:roflmfao:

    I think that it's really up to you....Good Luck! if in doubt, get both!
  15. I bought a Ciao in Transporto and it's sooo cute. I'm not much of an Adios fan, so AS is a bit much for me. It depends on what YOU like!