Trasporto sighting in the Bay Area!

  1. My sister called me and told me she saw Trasporto at Nordstroms and Macys in Valley Fair.

    Everybody go now!
  2. Nordstroms @ Stoneridge in Pleasanton too! just got a BV! :biggrin:
  3. I haven't been to the mall in ages... I need to stay away. I'm not getting a purse in trasporto so I really don't want to see it in person!! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Congrats on your BV Momo!! :graucho:
  4. awww least take a lil know you want tooooo ;] and thanks, but i'm not sure if i want to keep the BV for sure...i think im gonna hang on to it and see what macys gets in...mine's OK, not my perfect BV =/
  5. :yahoo:heading to valley fair after work ...
  6. Correction! Trasporto only at Nordstroms, not at Macys in Valley Fair.

  7. Congratz on your BV momo! :yahoo:
    Did they have any Zuccas at Nordstroms?

    Nevermind! I saw the answer in the other thread. Thanks for the info!
  8. OOps Selchan33 ;
    After I saw your initial post I flew to Valley Fair's Macy's Store because I want to use my 20% Savings Pass that I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago . I've been calling Valley Fair Macy's often to check the status of their Trasporto shipment . In fact I just called the day before . I flew over only to find NOTHING ! I wish I had seen the later post . I think we should be careful when we post sightings because some of us will go right away !:rant:
  9. Sorry about that Tokidoki Mama! I feel so bad that I sent you on a wild goose chase!

    Sorry to all you other Toki fans that I gave wrong info to!

    I did get an update that Metropark at Valley Fair has them too.
  10. i'm goin to SF on saturday so i'll be sure to post updates on macy's, nordie's, and bloomie's trasporto stock.
  11. What is the answer to this? Did they have zuccas? :confused1:

    Momo - I cannot go and look or else I will buy. :sweatdrop: I'm hoping it sells out before I can get my hands on any of it! :roflmfao:
  12. I was at Valley Fair yesterday, and saw no Trasporto in Macy. Maybe they haven't received them yet..:confused1: I also stopped by Metropark( they have zuccas, ciao ciao, campeggio), and Nordstorm(giocos, mm) better hurry girls:p
  13. o0oh..they had MM's?:huh:
  14. Petals did you get anything :graucho:
  15. Hey Girls ;
    I have a question for you . After going yesterday to Valley Fair Macy's based on the earlier information that the Trasporto were indeed there and coming up empty handed .I decided to go look at Nordstrom but I noticed there were no Zuccas . My husband has a friend that works for Nordstrom in the payroll department . He is entitled to a 33% discount on all purchases . He was nice enough to check on a Zucca Trasporto that he would purchase for me . My husband just called to say his friend went to purchase the bag for me but when he had asked for the Zucca style the sales assitant said that the Zuccas were not purchased . I wondering if that is indeed true . Has anyone seen the Zucca at thier local Nordstrom ? If so can you please let me know where . He can request that an item be shipped from another store . I really want a Trasporto Zucca and how can you pass 33% off a brand new style ? It's almost good as what the out-lets are selling at now . I could choose another bag style I suppose . Or my other option is wait until Macy's gets them and take advantage of my 20% off savings pass . Can anyone please tell me if you have seen Zucca at your local Nordstrom ? Or have you heard this also ? I don't want to start rumors . Thanks girls Veronica