Trasporto & Other Surprises at AOKAY Official - Chicago

  1. After getting a call from that they were out of stock and couldn't fulfill my order for a Trasporto Denaro, I called A.Okay Official on the north side of Chicago to see if they had any.

    Lucky for me, they did and put it aside for me. I think I got the only / last one they had, but they had a nice selection of Trasportos. But I think they're going to go quick, because there were several other bags set aside for people who called.

    In Trasporto, they had
    Ciao Ciao

    They had quite a lot of Adios Star and Famiglia stuff left. A handful of Pirata, Tutti & Spiaggia.

    But the biggest shocker to me was that they had L'amore Lunas and a Trenino.

    They also had lots of Bianco, Fumo & Notte at 25% off.

    If you're in the Chicago area, check it out. They sounded like they might be willing to take phone orders. Here's their number 773-248-4547