Trasporto - OMG

  1. So, at first I wasn't that hot on Trasporto. I thought it was relatively nice, but not a print I would go crazy over. I'm into more color, myself, and didn't think I would get more than one purse in it.

    And then I went to Macy's.

    Tell me WHY am I COMPLETELY in love with this print now?! Seeing it on a Dolce did it to me first, and when I saw the Campeggio I went completely over the moon! Both of them have PERFECT print placements [for me, at least], and are just the most adorable freaking things I've ever seen. I love them so much, I made a thread about it. Welcome.

    So my question is about Trasporto. It has a lot of little things going on in it. Which is your favorite scene? Mine is most definitely a toss-up between little flying carpet guy and his monkey, and mama and baby squirrel in the stroller. I'm DYING.
  2. I love the aliens, swan, squirrels, moofia, and adiso & ciao ciao skating. lol thats a lot...ooh and I love the native americans too... soooo cute...
  3. I love the school bus, the bullet train and the bat girl on the unicycle. Not wild about the outer space star girl or the little Nacho Libre guy on the scooter. Or the spiny piggy.
  4. I agree! The Native Americans are adorable.

    *I just got a PM from somebody, but my pop-up blocker kicked it away. In answer to the question, Macy's in Grossmont has Trasporto. Grossmont, btw, is in San Diego. ^_^
  5. mine is teh airballoon and sandy on the elephant :heart:
  6. Mine is the scuola bus and the little boy with the bowl haircut pumping gas. He reminds me of my
  7. I only like the Native American couple... ^_^
  8. I HATE the Nacho Libre Guy... :yucky: he's so ugly...
  9. I never got a good look at Nacho Libre guy, but I suppose if I ever saw him on a bag I would always think of Jack Black. Personally, that's not what I want to picture when I think of tokidoki. Ew.
  10. I like SanDy riding the pink elephant, adios & ciao ciao skating, latte & the lil piggie on the skateboards, the star girl on the rocket, and the mama & her baby squirrel
  11. That was me thanks :tup:
  12. I love the school bus, The mamma and baby squirl, adios and ciao , the big ballon and sandy+ elephant
  13. Yay! I hope you didn't think that I was ignoring you or anything. ^_^ Do you live near San Diego?
  14. my favorite is the boy on the carpet w/the monkey, the boy pumping gas and THE BUS! oh and i cant for get the two riding on their scooters
  15. I am obsessed with it too! I love Sandy on the elephant, batgirl on unicycle, the cheeries, the swan, girl riding the peach...pretty much the whole print!! It is my favorite print...I was just in Seattle and Alderwood Nordstroms and Northgate Macys had Trasporto