Trasporto in Caramella in Hawaii?

  1. Can any of the lovely ladies from the Hawaiian Islands confirm that the trasporto is available in caramella in hawaii?

    i love the caramella and would like one but my bro to get one won't go unless i can confirm before hand that they have them.

    thanks in advance

  2. Hopefully Maya can confirm...but I swear there is because there is one up for sale on LJ..unless it already sold. So yes, I'm pretty sure....Maya?
  3. Yes, we had gotten the Trasporto caramella. I had picked up two for a friend to choose from, and I've got the other one up on LJ. And no, I didn't sell it yet. I'm still taking offers on that one.

    I have no idea if they have any left, because I went on Thursday late afternoon and they had 3 left after I purchased my 2.
  4. Lara, they're supposed to be getting a second shipment in, if that helps. Sorry but I do not know when.
  5. That's at the Ala Moana LSS boutique. I'm not sure if there's still caramella left in stock at the other 5 stores here (LSS or DFS), but those other stores should have gotten some in as well.
  6. Tahnks for the heads up. After much deliberation I decided that I am going to hope and wait for a caramella in vacanaze.

    I already have a trasporto bambione and when and if this print hits the outlets I will try and get a porta. I just got one and it is so much more useful then I ever imagined!