Trasporto at Nordstroms

  1. Irvine Spectrum got theirs in and put them out this morning!! They only had 3 dolces (I bought one), 1 ciao ciao, 1 BV, 2 giocos, and I forget what else... they might have more in the back though I didn't ask since I found my perfect dolce :heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. oooh, congrats and thanks for the tip!! :p
    Your dolce is adorable!! :tup:
  3. I hope they get Trasporto at soon. My Nordstrom doesn't carry Tokidoki in the store. :tdown:
  4. I just checked yesterday at my Nordstroms and they didn't have it out yet... maybe I should go check now! For some reason... Trasporto reminds me of a pencil case pouch type of print :p Cuuute!
  5. You mean a caramella :confused1: or a plastic pencil case from back in the day?
  6. Yes, if I saw a Trasporto caramella it would bring back memories of me carrying around my pencils in a lil pencil case during elementary school :p Maybe I'd grab one if it wasn't discontinued? :confused1:
  7. Your dolce is so pretty. You got the differnt prints on both sides. I wish I can find one just like yours.:rolleyes:
  8. DAMN. I knew I should have waited to go to Irvine!
  9. Stoneridge Nordies has trasporto! not alot, just ciao ciao, campeggio, 2 dolces, and a gioco...i'm not sure if they have more in the back :p
  10. Oh dolce so cute!! Congrats!
  11. so far none in Woodland Hills Nordies...
  12. Thanks for the congrats :smile: I'm holding on using it though in case I find another one that has the same front but a slightly more different back... I :heart: the balloon but I realized I didn't have adios and ciao ciao on it! So I'm gonna have to go scouting again!

    Any signs of nuvolas? I really don't want to order one online w/o any print placement possibilities... does anyone know if any stores carry the nuvola style? I know macy's does but that's usually just 1 or 2 when it first comes out :hrmm:
  13. Cute dolce! It looks like you can get a lot of characters on it. I can't wait to get mine. I hope it comes tomorrow.
  14. Your dolce is really cute. I really like the placement on it ^_^ Congrats!
  15. Congrats tehlilone!!!!